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5 Signs Football Season Is Ruining Your Marriage

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We are about halfway through football season. And for some of you, your obsession with football is slowly ruining your marriage. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” you say. “It’s just a game. How could it possibly be ruining my marriage?” You’re right about one thing: it is, indeed, just a game. The NFL is worth $45 billion. That’s the same as a little coffee company you may have heard of called Starbucks. The top 20 NCAA football teams generate around $1.2 billion per year, and there is plenty more where that came from. That is $46.2 billion worth of power that can…

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You’re invited to a FREE online marriage event!

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Our newly expanded edition of New York Times bestseller Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) hit shelves on Tuesday, October 27, and we are celebrating its release with a one-of-a-kind, exciting event. And the best part? You’re invited! We’re launching a very special, FREE online marriage event: The Lifelong Love Marriage Summit. The summit begins Tuesday, November 3. You’ll hear from 20+ of today’s most engaging Christian influencers, including Shaunti Feldhahn, Donald Miller, Fawn Weaver, Dr. Henry Cloud, Michael Hyatt, and Dave Ramsey. They’ll be sharing their secrets to lifelong love, plus stories of struggle, faith, and hard-won triumph…

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How to Support a Depressed Spouse and Regain a Joyful Relationship

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I love my husband but he has depression and I’m tired of the ups and downs. Can you help? Depression is one of the most challenging things a couple can experience together. It steals joy and peace from the marriage by robbing one spouse’s happiness and peace of mind. This has a profound effect on the spouse without depression, and often results in tension and unhappiness in the marriage relationship if not dealt with appropriately. Supporting a depressed spouse and coping with his or her condition can be emotionally, mentally, and physically draining. Be sure to prioritize self-care, and do…

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FREE Companion Resources When You PRE-ORDER Today

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We’re giving it all away! The ultimate package for a great marriage We are excited to officially announce here on the blog the release of the newly expanded edition of our best-selling book, Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts: Seven Questions to Ask Before–and After–You Marry. This book has sold millions of copies, and the revamped edition hits shelves on October 27. When you pre-order it, you’ll get all the companion resources for free! The pre-order freebies are a collection of relationship products that we’ve put together over the years, and we’re giving them all away! It’s the ultimate package…

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What Every Wife Should Know About Her Husband

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The differences between men and women are significant, so much so that those inherent gender-based qualities often cause the greatest tension in a marriage relationship. Knowing the key needs of the opposite sex allows a person to understand his or her spouse better, and therefore operate with more patience and peace. A few weeks ago, we talked about the three things that every husband should know about his wife. Today, we’re examining the flipside: the three things that every wife should know about her husband. No one plays as significant a role in meeting a man’s unique needs as his…

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Is Living Together Before Marriage OK?

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Living Together Before Marriage? In Biblical days, My fiance and I would be married. What are the differences? Cohabitation is very common these days, and many couples find themselves asking whether they should “test out” their relationships before they get married by moving in together. Conventional wisdom suggests that it makes sense, but research shows otherwise. In this video, we discuss some of the research findings surrounding unmarried couples who live together, versus couples who married before they shared a home. Did you and your spouse wait until marriage to live together? If you lived together before marriage, how did…

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10 Ways to Pray for Your Wife

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Your wife is a gift. She blesses you with love, companionship, help, and plenty of fun. As the spiritual leader of your family, you are responsible for guiding her (and any children you may have) in God’s path. Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” A major part of your role as husband and spiritual leader is covering your wife in prayer. Through prayer, you have an avenue directly to God; you can approach Him at any time on her behalf. Here are 10 ways you can pray for…

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10 Ways to Pray for Your Husband

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Fervent prayer is tremendously powerful. Praying for your husband is one of the most important things you can do for the health of your marriage. Calling on God to bless your husband will not only benefit him; it will transform your entire family for the better. There are numerous ways to cover your husband in prayer. Here are 10 important prayers to lift your husband up as you walk through life together. Pray for his ability to lead spiritually. Your husband is meant to be the spiritual leader of your family. The book of Ephesians says, “The husband provides leadership…

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Should I marry someone with a different cultural or religious background?

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Can people of different religions and cultures have happy and successful lives together? So you’re considering marriage to a person of a different religion and/or culture. Can your relationship work long-term, given the challenges you know you’ll inevitably face as a couple, and as possible future parents? In this video, we discuss the obstacles that couples from different cultural and religious backgrounds face, and offer suggestions for successfully navigating through them together. If you and your spouse are of different religions or cultures, what difficulties have you faced and overcome together? Have you been able to maintain your unity as…

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Finding Rest Together: 5 Steps Toward Sabbath with Your Spouse

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Have the demands of your personal and professional life found you echoing, “I’m too busy to find time to rest”? Is your business becoming a badge of honor? Are your children’s needs overrunning your calendar? Are your community activities dominating your days? Is lack of time and rest causing distance between you and your spouse? Time is one of the most important resources that we have; yet in this day and age, it’s becoming more monopolized by business and family than it is stewarded well with intention and care. Society today meets us with more pressure to succeed, and we…

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