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My Fiancé and I Have Family Problems. Should We Elope?

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Family problems are common for many individuals. If you don’t have issues in your immediate family, you likely have extended family members with their own problems. When a couple brings two families together for a wedding, it’s possible that some of those issues could surface. If the two of you are facing potentially significant family problems surrounding your wedding, you might have discussed eloping instead of having a ceremony. After all, avoiding family complications would give you the much-needed peace you desire. Eloping could allow you and your fiancé to truly focus on one another, rather than any drama that…

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Help! My Future Mother-In-Law is Trying to Take Over My Wedding

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It’s almost wedding season, and many engaged couples all over the world are getting ready for their big day. Your world has likely been engulfed by flowers, cakes, dresses, and catering menus. Engagement is an exciting time, but like all seasons, it has its ups and downs. Wedding planning should be an enjoyable experience for engaged couples, but often, it’s stressful and intense instead. It’s disheartening to experience family drama before you’ve even said, “I do.” So how do you respond to them in a loving way? Should you entertain their suggestions, change your wedding plans to fit their wishes,…

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Marriage: How Much Does It Really Matter?

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In today’s society, it’s not unusual to feel skeptical about the institution of marriage. That’s especially true if you grew up in a family where divorce was common. It can be easy to question the necessity of marriage, especially if you feel fearful of it. If you’re dating or engaged, maybe your significant other wants to tie the knot – and maybe you aren’t quite ready for that step. You might find yourself questioning how necessary it is to get married. If that sounds familiar, we’re here to help. Marriage Has Depth, Beauty, and Sacredness It’s difficult to describe the…

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Better Communication, Better Love: Forgiveness and Conflict Resolution

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Forgiveness and conflict resolution are crucial components of good communication. That’s true not only in marriage, but across all your relationships. To build a happy marriage with true, lifelong love, you’ll need to be able to not only solve conflicts that arise; you’ll also need to be willing to forgive one another. In this final part of our four-part series on better communication, we’re focusing on how to lovingly resolve conflict and forgive often. Ready to learn more? Let’s jump into it. Listen With Empathy When working through a conflict, it’s important to listen to one another with empathy. Understanding…

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Better Communication, Better Love: Saying “I Love You” Without Words

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When it comes to communication in marriage, nonverbal communication is just as important as the words you say to one another. In some cases, nonverbal communication might even say more! The old adage is, “Actions speak louder than words,” for a reason. The words we say make up only a small percentage of what our spouse believes we’re saying to them. Developing great nonverbal communication skills is critical for showing love to your spouse in a way they can understand. Bare-minimum human decency won’t cut it here; you must be intentional with your nonverbals. So what are some ways you…

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Better Communication, Better Love: Speaking the Truth in Love

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When emotions are running high, it can be challenging to communicate with your spouse in a calm way. Sometimes, it can even feel difficult to speak lovingly. We’re at a higher risk of being harsh with one another when we’re angry, upset, or trying to make a point. Last week, we kicked off our Better Communication, Better Love article series by talking about becoming a better listener. But listening well is just one part of the equation. We must also be able to speak the truth in love at all times, especially when we’re resolving a conflict. You and your…

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Better Communication, Better Love: Sharpening Your Listening Skills

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Did you know that better communication can lead you and your spouse to better love? In this four-article series, we’re breaking down some of the most important ways you two can improve your communication skills. We’ll start by talking about how to sharpen your listening skills – a must in every successful marriage. You’ve likely heard that, to be a better listener, you should: Listen to respond, not to react. Avoid interrupting your spouse while they’re speaking. Try not to spend so much energy formulating a response that you miss what they’re saying. Engage in active listening, in which you…

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I’m Married, But I Want To Stay Friends With My Ex. What Should I Do?

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Most married couples dated other people before they met one another. Sometimes, exes remain friends, and other times, they lose touch, only to reconnect down the road. Regardless of the scenario, if you’re married, should you keep or rekindle a friendship with an ex? If you’re unsure whether this friendship is the right move for your marriage, then you’re probably feeling ambivalent about the possibility. There are some important factors to consider before jumping right in. Let’s talk through some questions you can ask yourself to make the best decision for you and your spouse. Are Old Feelings Being Stirred…

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Why Your Individual Health Can Make Your Marriage Happier

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Did you know that focusing on your individual health can make your marriage happier? We like to say that your relationships are only as healthy as you are–and that includes your marriage. But how does becoming a healthier person have such a profound influence on your relationship? There are so many reasons to focus on your own wellbeing, and we’re not just talking about physical health. Instead, we also mean your psychological, emotional, and spiritual health. When you care for all areas of your health combined, it pays dividends not just for you, but for the people you love most….

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How to Love One Another Well Through All Seasons and Stages of Life

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Life is unpredictable, and we don’t always know what’s around the corner. Although we all try to plan our lives and marriages, hoping things will work out as we envision, life’s seasons and stages don’t always meet our expectations. In spite of this, when we marry, we promise to love and care for each other through it all. Loving one another well should extend through all life’s ups and downs, no matter what happens. Things may not always go according to plan, but when you build your marriage on a solid foundation of steadfast love, facing the unexpected becomes much…

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