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My Fiancé and I Have Family Problems. Should We Elope?

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Family problems are common for many individuals. If you don’t have issues in your immediate family, you likely have extended family members with their own problems. When a couple brings two families together for a wedding, it’s possible that some of those issues could surface. If the two of you are facing potentially significant family problems surrounding your wedding, you might have discussed eloping instead of having a ceremony. After all, avoiding family complications would give you the much-needed peace you desire. Eloping could allow you and your fiancé to truly focus on one another, rather than any drama that…

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Help! My Future Mother-In-Law is Trying to Take Over My Wedding

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It’s almost wedding season, and many engaged couples all over the world are getting ready for their big day. Your world has likely been engulfed by flowers, cakes, dresses, and catering menus. Engagement is an exciting time, but like all seasons, it has its ups and downs. Wedding planning should be an enjoyable experience for engaged couples, but often, it’s stressful and intense instead. It’s disheartening to experience family drama before you’ve even said, “I do.” So how do you respond to them in a loving way? Should you entertain their suggestions, change your wedding plans to fit their wishes,…

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4 Travel Tips to Make Your Holiday Visits Happier and More Fun

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Holiday travel and family visits can sometimes be challenging. But focusing on joy throughout the season could make your gatherings more memorable. You and your spouse can work together to create happy experiences during your travels. Want to know how you can keep holiday travel more lighthearted? In this post, we’re sharing some tips to help you get going in the right direction. Let’s jump right in. 1. Focus on making happy memories together. Holiday travel is often a source of stress for many people. Rather than focusing on all the things that could go wrong, spend more energy focusing…

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Nurturing Family Harmony During the Holidays

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, and for many couples, the holidays bring opportunities to nurture family harmony. It’s common for couples to experience family conflict during the holiday season, especially since there are so many events and gatherings to attend. You’re likely spending more time together than usual. There are also traditions to consider – and traditions tend to carry a lot of emotion for those who hold them dear. However, it’s possible to emphasize harmony over conflict when you gather with family for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year. When you approach family gatherings in a loving way – even difficult…

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Help! My Parents Dislike My Spouse – But We Live With Them

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Living in a multi-generational home with your parents or in-laws can be both a blessing and a challenge. Sometimes, couples experience seasons in their marriage that require them to share a home with family members. While this can be helpful during transitional periods, it can cause strain long-term–especially if your parents don’t like your spouse. It’s often difficult to share a home with either of your parents. You’re all adults with your own lifestyle, preferences, and rhythms. It can be difficult for two couples to combine their lives this way, particularly when there’s tension in the home. Still, you might…

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What to Do When Your Spouse’s Ex Dislikes You

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Let’s say your new spouse has been married before–and their ex dislikes you. All you want is a peaceful existence with your new family, but their ex does whatever they can to make your life more difficult. How do you handle that situation? When one or both spouses are married for the second time, it’s not unusual for an ex to be in the picture. That’s especially true if you’re co-parenting children. If your spouse has children with their ex, then naturally, you’ll have to interact with the ex on some level. However, sometimes, an ex-spouse can make your life…

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We Can’t Agree On Who to Visit for the Holidays. What Do We Do?

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When you marry, your family grows–sometimes exponentially. An expanding family means that suddenly, you and your spouse might have many more holiday obligations than you can realistically commit to. If this happens, how do you decide who to visit during the holidays? Conflicts over who to visit during the holiday season are common among couples, especially newlyweds who are trying to create balance. Navigating and negotiating holiday visits can be stressful, so it’s important to approach the subject gently. You love one another and want to build new traditions for the family you’re creating. But, you also love celebrating your…

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My Spouse Cheated - And My In-Laws Knew. What Now?

My Spouse Cheated – And My In-Laws Knew. What Now?

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Facing the pain of infidelity is one of the hardest things you may ever experience. You’re trying to come to terms with the fact that your spouse was hiding a major secret. That’s bad enough; but what if your in-laws knew about the affair? Unfortunately, many times people may know or suspect that a friend or family member is having an affair. Yet, they may not tell the innocent spouse. There are many reasons for this; maybe they don’t want to get involved, or maybe they’re afraid they’ve made a mistake. But when your family members know–especially your in-laws–that makes…

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3 Tips for Coping With Competitive In-Laws

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Family relationships can be complicated. This is especially true when you marry and combine families. If your in-laws happen to be competitive, this adds an entirely new layer of issues to navigate. When you were single, you only had to manage the relationships within your immediate and extended families. But when you married your spouse, you gained their family as well. And that means that you multiplied the number of relationships that you now need to manage and nurture in your life. Many people find it difficult to manage their relationships with in-laws. This is often due to a number…

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Help! My Spouse Always Sides With My In-Laws. What Can I Do?

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In most marriages, it’s common to have an occasional clash with in-laws or other extended family members. After all, we’re all human, and it’s inevitable that we will disagree with one another from time to time. But what if these clashes are happening on a regular basis, and your spouse always seems to be on your in-laws’ side? What do you do then? Some relationships naturally have more friction than others, and that can add unnecessary stress to your dynamic over the years. It can also be taxing on your marriage, especially if your spouse defaults to taking his or…

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