4 Travel Tips to Make Your Holiday Visits Happier and More Fun


Holiday travel and family visits can sometimes be challenging. But focusing on joy throughout the season could make your gatherings more memorable. You and your spouse can work together to create happy experiences during your travels.

Want to know how you can keep holiday travel more lighthearted? In this post, we’re sharing some tips to help you get going in the right direction. Let’s jump right in.

1. Focus on making happy memories together.

Holiday travel is often a source of stress for many people. Rather than focusing on all the things that could go wrong, spend more energy focusing on all the possibilities. What positive experiences might you be able to have when you look for them?

Maybe your travel will take you to the homes of extended family. Or maybe you have a getaway planned for just the two of you. Wherever you plan to go for the holidays, focus on making happy memories together as much as possible.

Delays are often another source of travel-related stress. While detours and delays can’t always be prevented, it’s possible to reduce the stress around them. Be sure to leave yourselves some extra time when you travel.

The same is true when going from one family gathering to another. Make sure you’re leaving yourselves plenty of time to get from one place to the next, and try not to over-commit. The more obligations you have, the harder it will be to focus on joy.

3. Try not to take family friction personally.

Family friction is common during the holidays. Disagreements, debates, and strife can prevent you from enjoying this time of year to the fullest. Rather than engaging in discord among family, try not to take friction personally.

Consider how you’ll set healthy boundaries before you make your visits this year. If a family member tries to pull you into a debate, for example, how will you respond? Decide ahead of time what you’ll do, and it will be easier to create fun, happy memories.

4. Reconnect with your inner child.

The holidays are especially focused on children and the innocence of childhood joy. This year, reconnect with your own inner child however you can. If you’re gathering with family, how can you bring more fun and happiness to that visit?

Think about giving fun gifts, playing board games together, or watching your favorite holiday movie together. How can you rekindle nostalgic memories from childhood? What can you do to create new memories that will last for years to come?

Bonus: Use travel time for making great conversation.

Will you be spending time on the road (or in the air!) this holiday season? Take the opportunity to communicate and get to know one another on a deeper level. Travel is a great time to spend in deep conversation.

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Will you and your spouse be traveling together this holiday season? How do you plan to infuse that time with more fun and happiness? Let us know in the comments.


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