My Spouse and I Work Together. How Do We Separate Business From Life?

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Do you and your spouse work together? How can you separate business from your personal life? Maybe you’re both employed by the same company. You might even work in the same office space. Or, perhaps you own or operate a business together. Whatever that looks like, building a healthy work-life balance is essential. It’s not unusual for married couples to work together. And, it’s common for couples like you to struggle a bit with separating business from home. We should know; we work together, too! There are a few simple changes you can make to the way you communicate that…

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My Spouse Says I Work Too Much, But I Have to Provide. How Do I Respond?

My Spouse Says I Work Too Much, But I Have to Provide. How Do I Respond?

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Are you married to your job? This is a common issue in many marriages. Maybe one spouse owns a business that consumes them, or their 9-5 job is so demanding that they might as well live there. Still, you have to continue providing for your family, so you keep pushing forward. Does this sound like you? Workaholism can cause your spouse to feel sidelined, at best. As you devote most of your time to work, they’re forced to pick up your slack at home. And if you previously spent a lot of time together, they likely resent the current situation….

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How to Support Your Spouse Through a Career Change

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Changing careers is daunting. No matter what stage of life you’re in, a career change can be especially disruptive to your normal routine. Depending on whether you’re making a major job change or starting an entirely new career, this situation can look different. It won’t be the same for every couple. If you need help supporting your spouse through a career change, we’ve got you covered. The most important thing is to stick together through the process. Now, let’s jump into how to do that. 1. Set Realistic Expectations Early On You and your spouse need to expect that making…

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Help! We Need to Raise Our Income

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There are many reasons why you and your spouse might want to raise your income. Maybe you’ve recently taken on a new expense, suffered a pay cut or job loss, or you need to save toward a big goal, such as a vacation or a down payment on a house. Whatever the case, you’ve determined that you need more available money. Luckily, there are a number of ways to free up extra money and raise the amount you’re bringing in. It takes teamwork and shared goals, but the two of you can absolutely work together to make more money for…

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Careers in Marriage: How to Help Each Other Grow Professionally

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Professional growth spans the whole of many people’s careers, requiring time, commitment, and change along the way. Some people choose to attend college for postgraduate degrees, pursue a promotion, or embark on a new career after marriage. In fact, sometimes, spouses are pursuing their own career goals side-by-side. How can married couples support one another in order to achieve their career goals and grow professionally? Read on. Communicate your needs, dreams, and professional goals to one another. The first step of working together toward your professional goals is to clearly communicate your needs and dreams to one another. You can’t…

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What to do When Career Goals Collide

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When you are both passionate about your future and your careers, your dreams and goals can sometimes collide. Life will take you many directions, and career goals can shift and change. For example, you may have been promoted and asked to work in another city. Or perhaps a new baby is in your future. On the flip side, maybe one of you lost your job and you are starting fresh. When it comes to careers, it’s important to remember that your career is not only an expression of your gifts, but the tool that provides for your family. Balancing your…

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How to Help Your Spouse Survive a Career Crisis

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Let’s say your spouse comes home from a long day at work, looking downtrodden. When you ask about their day, they reveal that there’s been a layoff. Devastated, your spouse shows you the pink slip he or she was handed at the end of the shift. Your mind starts churning: What’s going to happen? How will we pay the bills? It’s easy to react emotionally–even to feel a bit of panic–but when the initial shock wears off, it’s going to be time for action. Your spouse will need to kick the job search into high gear…but you can be helpful…

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My Spouse Wants to Go Back to School. Now What?

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So your spouse wants to go back to school. Maybe this comes as a shock to you: College? Graduate School? Now? Or maybe this has been an ongoing conversation for a while, but now your spouse says it’s time. The pressure’s on. You’re not sure your spouse going to undergraduate or graduate school is the best idea for your family right now. The thought of reducing or losing your spouse’s income makes you sweat buckets, and you’re not sure if you’re up to the challenge of shouldering more financial burden and responsibility at home–not to mention the possibility of student…

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Help! My Spouse Wants Me to Make More Money

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You’ve weighed your career decisions, filtered your values and what’s most important to you, and decided on a job that will help you not only bring in a good income, but also balance those values and pursuits in the best possible way for your family–or so you thought. Suddenly, you’re getting outside pressure from your spouse to up your game…and you’re not sure where it’s coming from. Money is a hot-button issue in most marriages, but the it tends to really hit a nerve where individual income is concerned. Whether one or both spouses is working, it’s not uncommon for…

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Help! My Spouse Has a Successful Career (And I Don’t)

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Developing your careers—at any time in your marriage—is hard work for both of you. While it would be nice if both spouses could progress toward their career goals at the same pace, that’s not realistic, and it’s very unlikely. That means, at some point, one of you will be arguably more successful in your career than the other. If your wife or husband has a more successful career than you during this season, it’s normal to feel left behind, inadequate, and maybe even a little jealous. While you should definitely acknowledge your feelings, it’s dangerous to let them take root…

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