My Spouse Started a Business, and I’m Scared. What Now?

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So your spouse started a business. What now? People start businesses for many different reasons. Some start a business rather than going into the workforce. Others get their start after a job loss, like a layoff. Let’s say your spouse lost their job, and they started a business rather than moving on to other employment. A major life transition such as a job loss can cause you to reevaluate your life, your career path, and your decisions up until that point. In this case, maybe your spouse decided to take a chance on a dream they’ve wanted to pursue for…

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Help! I’m Afraid of Fighting With My Spouse

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Are you afraid of fighting with your spouse? Maybe you’re one of those people who’s hardwired to value harmony. You recoil at the thought of conflict, and avoid getting into an argument with anyone–especially the person you love most. The idea of fighting makes you feel insecure and fearful. It can be scary to put your feelings out there when you’re upset. What if it changes your relationship in some fundamental way? What if your spouse becomes angry with you? What if the conflict escalates? The thing is, there’s greater risk in holding your feelings inside and leaving issues unresolved….

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Marriage Rewind: Why Dwell on What Might Have Been?

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Do you and your spouse ever dwell on what might have been? Ruminating on alternative scenarios, such as being married to someone different from your spouse, can create tension in your marriage. It can also fuel bitterness if the two of you are facing difficult times. While it’s human nature to think about different possibilities, dwelling on what might have been could be harmful to your relationship. Curiosity Can Breed Insecurity Sometimes, we find ourselves speculating about different possible outcomes out of simple curiosity. These conversations can start out innocently enough, then later create hurt feelings. For instance, you and…

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Putting Sex on the Calendar: Can It Work?

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Scheduling sex is something that many couples resist. On the surface, putting sex on the calendar sounds unpleasant, like an item on a to-do list. You might even argue that it takes away spontaneity. But from research, we know that scheduling sex actually works for many couples. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump right in and talk about it. Planning Creates Anticipation One reason why scheduling sex on the calendar works for busy couples is that planning actually creates anticipation for the moment. It helps you to get into the frame of mind to…

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How Can I Help My Spouse Break A Bad Habit?

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So your spouse has a bad habit. Can you help them break it? Well, it’s possible to help, but the answer isn’t exactly straightforward – and it might surprise you. You can’t force your spouse’s change, but it’s possible to support it. If you’re wondering what you can do to help your spouse break an unhealthy habit, read on. Realize That Your Spouse Must Want Change However you feel about this habit, it’s not enough for your spouse to make changes just for you. They must desire change for themselves. Their motivation to change must come from within – not…

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Help! My Marriage is Boring. What Do I Do?

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Nobody expects to feel bored in their marriage, but sometimes it happens. And the problem is more common than you might think. Boredom sneaks up on us. By the time we realize what’s going on, we’re feeling like we’ve lost the energy and the spark in our marriage. We find ourselves wondering when we stopped having fun together, and when we stopped looking forward to spending time with one another. You might be feeling embarrassed to admit that you’re feeling bored. But if you start to pay attention to how you feel, then you can also work to find solutions….

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Engagement Roundup: What You Need to Know Before the Wedding

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Are you engaged or hoping to be engaged soon? Planning your wedding is one of the most important seasons of your life, but there’s more to prepare for than the ceremony itself. Today, we’re sharing some fresh resources to help you along your way, all in one place. We believe you can never have too many trusted resources while you prepare for your wedding – and the life you’ll build together in the years to come. Marriage is a wonderful and exciting journey. It takes knowledge, preparation, and a willingness to grow together in order to achieve lifelong love. Ready…

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Do We Really Need Pre-Marriage Counseling?

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If you’re engaged (or planning to get engaged in the future), it’s important to make sure that pre-marriage counseling is on your radar. While pre-marriage counseling isn’t necessarily required, we don’t believe any couple should skip this important step. Going to counseling before you marry can help you get to know one another on a deeper level—and possibly prevent certain problems before they arise. Before we go any further, yes; we highly recommend pre-marriage counseling. Now, let’s go over a few reasons why. A Trusted Counselor Offers Objective Feedback It’s so important to have a source of objective feedback, especially…

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My Fiancé and I Have Family Problems. Should We Elope?

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Family problems are common for many individuals. If you don’t have issues in your immediate family, you likely have extended family members with their own problems. When a couple brings two families together for a wedding, it’s possible that some of those issues could surface. If the two of you are facing potentially significant family problems surrounding your wedding, you might have discussed eloping instead of having a ceremony. After all, avoiding family complications would give you the much-needed peace you desire. Eloping could allow you and your fiancé to truly focus on one another, rather than any drama that…

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Help! My Future Mother-In-Law is Trying to Take Over My Wedding

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It’s almost wedding season, and many engaged couples all over the world are getting ready for their big day. Your world has likely been engulfed by flowers, cakes, dresses, and catering menus. Engagement is an exciting time, but like all seasons, it has its ups and downs. Wedding planning should be an enjoyable experience for engaged couples, but often, it’s stressful and intense instead. It’s disheartening to experience family drama before you’ve even said, “I do.” So how do you respond to them in a loving way? Should you entertain their suggestions, change your wedding plans to fit their wishes,…

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