I Resent My Spouse. How Do I Overcome It?

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Resentment damages marriages. It can take time for resentment to build in a relationship. Often, you don’t know it’s happening until it has already taken root. By then, those resentful feelings have invaded many areas of your marriage. Resentment comes from longstanding anger and feelings of disappointment in aspects of your relationship. When you feel upset at your spouse on a regular basis but feel that you can’t do anything to alleviate the problem, you begin to internalize that anger. Eventually, it morphs into resentment. Later, it could transform into contempt toward your partner. There are many reasons why you…

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How to develop a positive attitude toward marriage

How to Develop a Positive Attitude Toward Marriage

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Do you feel skeptical, cynical, or negative toward marriage? Do you think happily ever after isn’t an option? Whether you’re single or already married, it’s possible that you hold a negative attitude toward marriage. Maybe you grew up in a family where divorce was common, or you weren’t exposed to what a healthy marriage should look like. Perhaps you are already married, but fear it won’t last. If you’re single or dating, you might feel apprehensive about considering marriage. If you’re married, your negative feelings might come out as cynical jokes, hurtful comments, or a generally bad attitude. Either way,…

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Couple having political discussion

Political Clash: What to Do When Your Spouse Has Different Views

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Spouses should agree on politics…right? Politics are hot-button topics for many relationships, and marriages are no exception. Even some of the closest couples disagree on politics. Does this sound familiar to you? When you and your spouse are each entrenched in your own political point of view, it’s going to be challenging to see eye-to-eye. If you’re deeply invested in your opinion, you’re likely to have scripts that you automatically follow, too. You have talking points of your own–and you likely anticipate your spouse’s. All in all, reaching an understanding in the midst of a political clash is tough. The…

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My Spouse Has An Addiction – What Can I Do?

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Does your spouse have an addiction? Wondering what you can do for them? If your spouse is addicted to a substance such as alcohol or prescription drugs, then they may have asked you to help them overcome their struggles. They might expect you to keep the reality of their addiction secret. After all, addiction can be damaging in many ways–not just to relationships and finances, but to reputations, too. Unfortunately, if this sounds familiar, your spouse is asking you to enable their addiction. When you keep your spouse’s problem a secret and don’t seek outside help, you’re depriving yourself of…

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Couple tracking money together

How to Stress Less About Money in Your Marriage

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Money is one of the most common topics married couples fight about. If managing money is stressful for you, then it can take a toll on your relationship. Since you can’t escape financial discussions, how can you handle the topic without getting grouchy or arguing? Luckily, there are ways to make money conversations less stressful and more productive for both of you. In this post, we’re sharing some tips to help you and your spouse handle money talks in a healthier way. Consider how you both feel about money. It’s a good idea to take a step back and think…

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When Conflict Gets Messy in Marriage

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“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford We often talk about how fighting a “good fight” can actually bring spouses closer together. A well-managed conflict can shed light on areas of your relationship that need strengthening. It also gives the two of you a chance to solve problems as a team. But sometimes, conflict gets messy. We might fail to listen to our spouse, say hurtful things, or otherwise escalate a solvable issue. When this happens, you both need to know how to take a step back, then take steps to…

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Why It’s Time for an Attitude Check-Up

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Leslie and I (Les) once took a flight on a Cessna plane after a retreat in northwestern Washington state’s San Juan Islands. We began the flight nervous, having never flown in such a small aircraft. As we soared over the beautiful Cascade Mountains and Puget Sound, our fear dissolved. During that flight, something the pilot said caught our attention: that the attitude of the plane, not the altitude, was the single most important aspect of landing safely. The plane’s attitude is related to the position of its nose as it comes in for a landing. Too high or low, and…

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5 Ways Self-Awareness Can Improve Your Marriage

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Are you and your spouse self-aware people? If not, cultivating self-awareness can improve both your individual health and the health of your marriage. Being self-aware is all about bringing your very best to your marriage because when you each show up at your strongest, you can accomplish so much more together. Want to know more about how self-awareness can improve your marriage? Read on. 1. Self-awareness promotes empathy and understanding. As you and your spouse develop self-awareness, you’ll be more likely to demonstrate empathy and understanding for one another. We like to say that self-awareness leads to better love. That’s…

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Emotional Health in Marriage: What You Need to Know

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If you and your spouse want to be healthy individuals in a thriving marriage, you’ll need to pay close attention to your emotional health. Along with spiritual and psychological wellbeing, your emotional health can greatly impact your marriage. In fact, these aspects of your health can affect all your relationships, for better or worse. Spiritual, psychological, and emotional health combined are attributes that help us feel a sense of significance and individual completeness. They also help us nurture selfless attitudes and happier, healthier relationships. Essentially, if you neglect to become healthy and whole on your own, you’ll spin your wheels…

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3 Ways to Better Understand Your Spouse’s Personality

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Do you want to know your spouse on a deeper level? Gaining a greater understanding of your spouse’s personality (and vice versa) is one way to create more closeness in your marriage. Our inborn personalities are in our genes, and those distinct traits make up the building blocks of who we are. At the same time, the differences in our personalities can get in the way of our harmony from time to time. Misunderstandings and miscommunications can create friction in your marriage. But the good news is, when you know one another on a more intimate level, you’ll have higher…

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