What Every Married Couple Should Know About Expectations and Boundaries

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How do expectations and boundaries affect marriage? We often hear these terms used in regard to relationships, but what do they really mean? In a nutshell, expectations are the spoken and unspoken assumptions you make about how something should be, or how someone should behave. Boundaries can be put in place to maintain expectations or respond to behaviors. Let’s dig a little deeper into each of these. Expectations Your expectations, and your spouse’s, can have a profound impact on your marriage. Expectations reveal our hopes for what our lives and relationships will look like. They also tell us so much…

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Responsive vs. Reactive: What’s the Difference, and Why Does It Matter in Marriage?

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How you and your spouse interact with one another largely determines the health of your marriage. Whether you’re resolving conflict or simply engaging in regular communication, it’s so important for the two of you to pay close attention to how you affect each other. Knowing your effect on your spouse starts with being self-aware. In communication, your self-awareness can help you understand whether you’re often more responsive or reactive when you communicate. Responding well to your spouse, rather than reacting to them, can make all the difference in your daily interactions, and especially during conflict resolution. In this article, we’re…

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6 Ways to Make More Time For One Another in Your Busy Schedule

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The busy holiday season is over; now it’s time to get back to your regular busy routine. Now is the perfect time to revisit your time boundaries and make more time for one another. That’s because even though we often spend the holidays unplugged from our usual routines, we still fill our time with celebrations, events, and family obligations. By the time January arrives, many of us are starting the new year exhausted and overwhelmed. What if you didn’t have to go back to the familiar status quo? What if you used the beginning of this year as an opportunity…

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New Year’s Roundup: Ringing in a Brand New Year Together

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The New Year is a great time to revisit personal and relationship goals and objectives. How did last year go for you and your spouse? Did you achieve shared goals together, or are you still working towards something important? Are the two of you starting the year on a high note, or hoping to heal or repair your relationship? Whatever the season looks like for you, we’ve gathered some of our strongest resources on how to best use this brand new year for a fresh start. Let’s jump in. Conduct a year in review together. Looking back on the previous…

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How to Stay Focused on Experiences and Relationships During the Holidays

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Giving and receiving gifts is a highlight of the holiday season. But sometimes, worries about material items, gift budgets, and possessions can distract us from the true meaning of the holidays. Choosing to refocus on experience and relationships can renew your perspective of the holidays and make this time of year so much more meaningful. If you want to focus on your loved ones and the memories you’ll create with them this year, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered some tips and ideas to help you and your spouse get started. Let’s take a look. Focus on Connections With…

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4 Travel Tips to Make Your Holiday Visits Happier and More Fun

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Holiday travel and family visits can sometimes be challenging. But focusing on joy throughout the season could make your gatherings more memorable. You and your spouse can work together to create happy experiences during your travels. Want to know how you can keep holiday travel more lighthearted? In this post, we’re sharing some tips to help you get going in the right direction. Let’s jump right in. 1. Focus on making happy memories together. Holiday travel is often a source of stress for many people. Rather than focusing on all the things that could go wrong, spend more energy focusing…

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Holiday Roundup 2023: Celebrating the Season With Joy and Peace

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During the holidays, we’re often focused on the way things should be. But we also know that life can be unpredictable. That means we have a responsibility to create as much joy and peace for ourselves as we can. There are many ways to welcome joy and peace during the holidays, even during difficult times. In this post, we’re sharing some tips and ideas to help you and your spouse embrace and enjoy the season, whatever it brings. When It Comes to Making Holiday Plans, Stay Open-Minded One of the most significant sources of holiday stress is the question of…

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3 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Exhaustion This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but they can also be a source of burnout and exhaustion. When the holidays feel stressful, they eventually become difficult to enjoy. If you and your spouse have been feeling burned out around the holidays, it’s time to start reducing stress so you can enjoy the celebrations together again. In this post, we’re sharing three important ways to avoid burnout and over-commitment during the holidays. If you’re ready to gather some important tips to help you take back your joy this year, keep reading. 1. Make your holiday plans as far ahead…

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Healthy Holidays: How Focusing On Your Well-Being Can Help Your Marriage Thrive

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During the holidays, we don’t always emphasize good health. But being psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy sets the stage for enjoyable family interactions and holiday celebrations throughout the season. In this post, we’re sharing a few ways you can focus on your own well-being during the holidays – to the benefit of your marriage and family. Give Yourself the Gift of Healthy Self-Talk We don’t often pay enough attention to our self-talk, but it’s a key component to becoming a healthier person. When we speak to ourselves with love and respect, we’re more likely to be loving and respectful toward…

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Gratitude Roundup: Celebrating One Another All Year Long

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Thanksgiving is a time of year when gratitude is at the forefront of our minds. We go out of our way to talk about the things and people we’re thankful for during the holiday season. But gratitude – especially for your spouse – is in season all year long. In today’s post, we’re sharing some of our all-time best gratitude resources from the blog. If you’re looking for some special ways to tell your husband or wife thank you any time of year, then keep reading. 1. Gratitude is a Practice First, it’s important to understand that gratitude is a…

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