How to Show Love in a Busy Marriage

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It’s no secret that life can be hectic and fast-paced. As you each rush from one obligation to another, it can become more and more difficult to pause and show love to one another in the ways you both need. In the midst of the daily grind, it’s easy to become short or impatient with your spouse. Rushing through life can lead not only to impatience, but outright unkindness with one another. You might not mean to be unkind, but it can happen out of frustration if you aren’t careful. So how do the two of you stay loving while…

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I Feel Dismissed in My Marriage

I Feel Dismissed in My Marriage. How Do I Speak Up?

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Do you feel dismissed in your marriage? Sometimes, married couples become so busy that one or both spouses may start to feel dismissed, unheard, or invisible. This can happen for many reasons. Most often, we become so busy with our lives and routines that we simply forget to slow down. Doing life at a breakneck pace can cause you to unintentionally lose sight of one another. If you don’t stay intentionally connected, then disconnection sneaks up on you over time. Eventually, one or both of you may begin to feel a sense of desperation to feel seen and known once…

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How to Give Your Marriage A Fresh Start in the New Year

How to Give Your Marriage A Fresh Start in the New Year

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Does your marriage need a fresh start in the New Year? You can commit to renewing your love any time of year. But, the New Year is a great time to reflect on the recent past and set new priorities and goals for the future. If you want a fresh start in your marriage, this is the perfect time to set yourselves up for success. Every couple’s situation is unique. Still, we wanted to offer some general guidelines for the year ahead. If you’d like to reinvigorate your marriage, here are a few ways to begin. Start the Year With…

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Why Your Marriage Needs a Year in Review

Reflecting Together: Why Your Marriage Needs a “Year in Review”

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With the New Year approaching, it’s common to look ahead to the future. But having a “year in review” with your spouse is also important. Have you ever looked back at the past year together? Looking backward can give you both a sense of perspective. What things went well this year? What didn’t work out for you? What were you hoping the past year would bring? Did those things come to pass, or did life take a turn in its own direction? However the year went for you, it can be helpful to take some time to reflect together. Ultimately,…

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Couple celebrating holidays

We Can’t Agree On Who to Visit for the Holidays. What Do We Do?

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When you marry, your family grows–sometimes exponentially. An expanding family means that suddenly, you and your spouse might have many more holiday obligations than you can realistically commit to. If this happens, how do you decide who to visit during the holidays? Conflicts over who to visit during the holiday season are common among couples, especially newlyweds who are trying to create balance. Navigating and negotiating holiday visits can be stressful, so it’s important to approach the subject gently. You love one another and want to build new traditions for the family you’re creating. But, you also love celebrating your…

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My Husband Says I'm Too Sensitive.

My Husband Says I’m Too Sensitive. How Do I Change It?

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“You’re just being sensitive.” Does that phrase ring a bell? Many women, whether married or not, have been told they’re too sensitive at some time or other. The reasons and scenarios vary. Maybe you’re feeling upset about a disagreement or an unmet expectation. Your spouse might have criticized you. Or, you might feel that your efforts for them have fallen short. Can you relate? Regardless of the reason, hearing someone say that you’re too sensitive hurts. After all, your feelings are very real. You deserve to be heard, right? Whatever the situation, it hurts when someone doesn’t relate to what…

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We’re in a Season Of Grief. How Do I Stay Close To My Spouse?

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Navigating a season of grief together is one of the most challenging things you’ll do as a couple. These seasons will come and go throughout your lifetime, and it’s important to decide how you want to handle them as a team. While things in life rarely play out the way we think they should, having a plan for sticking together during difficult times could help you to stay close. Grief can bring us closer together or drive us apart. During seasons of profound grief, it can impact the way we experience the world. Whether you’re both grieving or one of…

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My Spouse Cheated - And My In-Laws Knew. What Now?

My Spouse Cheated – And My In-Laws Knew. What Now?

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Facing the pain of infidelity is one of the hardest things you may ever experience. You’re trying to come to terms with the fact that your spouse was hiding a major secret. That’s bad enough; but what if your in-laws knew about the affair? Unfortunately, many times people may know or suspect that a friend or family member is having an affair. Yet, they may not tell the innocent spouse. There are many reasons for this; maybe they don’t want to get involved, or maybe they’re afraid they’ve made a mistake. But when your family members know–especially your in-laws–that makes…

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Unfinished Business: Getting Closure for Old Hurts

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Having unresolved conflict in your relationships–especially in your marriage–creates tension that weighs on both you and your spouse. It distracts you and eventually creates resentment, further breaking down your relationship. We like to think of this kind of conflict as unfinished business. Unfinished business involves issues you and your spouse have never been able to fully work through. If one of you is holding onto old hurts, it’s likely you’ve never felt like those have had a chance to heal. This can happen for many reasons, and the longer hard feelings simmer, the more difficult they will be to resolve….

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I Married a Free Spirit. How Do I Feel More Secure?

Help! I Married a Free Spirit. How Do I Feel More Secure?

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Are you married to a free-spirited dreamer? Does your spouse seem flighty or resistant to “settling?” Do you feel like you’re constantly having to convince them that enjoying the present moment is just as important as thinking about the future? For someone who craves stability, falling in love with a free-spirited person can feel adventurous. But sometimes, after the wedding, the differences in your personality begin to feel more stark. And while your spouse’s free spirit has many wonderful characteristics, maybe you’ve found yourself worried about things that didn’t bother you before. Maybe you want a stronger sense of stability…

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