How to nurture spiritual significance in your marriage

How to Nurture Spiritual Significance in Your Marriage

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We often talk about spiritual intimacy and how to grow closer to your spouse through shared spiritual practices. But what if you haven’t yet established the building blocks of spiritual intimacy? If you’re seeking spiritual significance in your marriage, how do you find and nurture it? There are many ways that you can go about connecting spiritually, both individually and as a couple. In fact, establishing greater spiritual health as individuals may help you establish a stronger relationship with one another. Either way, there are quite a few habits the two of you can build to bring a stronger sense…

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Spiritual Intimacy Roundup: Connecting With Your Spouse on a Spiritual Level

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One of the most overlooked aspects of a solid, godly marriage is spiritual intimacy. This connection between you and your spouse transcends all others, creating a lifelong bond that will carry you through every season of your marriage together. If you’re interested in deepening your spiritual intimacy, then this post is for you. We’ve collected some of our top resources on spiritual intimacy to give you and your spouse a running start at this all-important aspect of your relationship. 1. The Importance of Spiritual Intimacy Many married couples don’t talk enough about spiritual intimacy. In fact, that topic tends to…

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Why It’s Time to Start Dating Your Spouse Again

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It’s time to start dating your spouse again. Dating is the foundation of most new relationships. It’s a time when you’re excited to be together. You’re doing your best to impress and attract one another, and you’re getting to know each other. When you’re dating, you’re taking the time and effort to be curious about one another and to learn as much as you can. You’re excited to be together, and you can’t wait for the next date. There’s a sense of anticipation for each meeting, and you can’t seem to get enough of being together. Contrast that with married…

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5 Tips for Igniting More Romance in Your Marriage

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When it comes to igniting more romance in your marriage, having a deep connection with your spouse is key. Many married couples find themselves sucked into their daily routines and busy schedules, and they’re experiencing less romance and intimacy than they did when they were dating or newlyweds. If this sounds familiar to you, read on. Even though you might be feeling disconnected and discouraged right now, it’s possible to reignite more romance in your marriage. We’ve gathered some tips you can start putting into practice right away to help you do that. Romance doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it…

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3 Ways to Reignite Your Sex Life for More Intimacy and Fun

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Most married couples will experience challenges to their intimacy from time to time. Whether difficult circumstances or busy routines are putting a damper on your alone time, it’s common to have ebbs and flows in your sex life. The key to overcoming intimacy challenges is to intentionally spend time getting closer. Want to reignite your sex life with your spouse for more intimacy and fun? In this post, we’ll explore a few ways you can do just that. Let’s dive right in. 1. Do an intimacy check-in with your spouse. Occasionally, have a check-in with your spouse to gauge both…

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Emotional Safety in Marriage: Why Does it Matter?

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Emotional safety is a critical component of any fulfilling marriage. In order for spouses to be able to be truly vulnerable, open, and honest with one another, emotional safety must exist in the relationship. If a couple does not deliberately make emotional safety a part of their relationship, it will become difficult to overcome obstacles and grow closer to one another over time. In short, emotional safety allows us to fully be ourselves, and it’s required if we want to experience all the blessings marriage has to offer. There are several factors that are needed in an emotionally safe marriage,…

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Why Every Couple Should Take Time to Rest

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Rest is essential for us to thrive. This is true for our bodies, minds, and relationships. If you and your spouse aren’t making the time to rest together, it’s something we strongly recommend. When you take the time to rest with your spouse, you’re able to focus on where you are during this season of life, and the person you chose to spend your life with. Life is busy. Despite that fact, rest is a requirement for health and wellbeing. Let’s look at a few reasons why. Staying in constant motion numbs us. Continual motion goes hand-in-hand with the idea…

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The Intimacy Goals Every Married Couple Should Set

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A breakdown in intimacy is one of the most difficult challenges therapists, coaches, and clergy face when working with couples. Intimacy embodies the feeling that two spouses know one another more deeply and completely than anyone else. When there is an intimacy deficit in the relationship, the ripple effect impacts communication and raises the couple’s chances of conflict. In order for intimacy to exist, there are two major goals couples must meet consistently over time. When you counsel engaged and married couples, you’ll want to keep these goals in mind. Want to know more? Read on. Communication Skills Good communication…

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5 Affirmations to Empower Your Spouse

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Gifting one another with regular affirmations is a wonderful way for spouses to stay close and remind each other of their affection. If you’re not regularly making an effort to affirm your spouse, then it’s time to start now–and it’s never too late. Affirmations can be simple. The key is to be heartfelt and genuine, and to let your spouse know how much you love and admire them. How well you love your spouse, and the effort you invest in them, will make a tremendous impact on the quality of your marriage. Today, we’ve gathered five simple affirmations to help…

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7 Ways to Renew Joy in Your Marriage

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Daily life is hectic, and it’s a little too easy to forget to live joyfully in the midst of busyness. In marriage as in the rest of life, cultivating joy is essential. Sometimes it takes a little extra effort to make sure we’re giving time and effort to joy. If you’re looking for ways to renew joy in your own marriage, we’ve gathered some quick tips on how to do so. Read on to find out how! 1. Be intimate. When we’re busy and stressed, intimacy is often one of the first things we push to the side. Instead of…

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