Recovering from the Disease to Please

Is there anything I can learn to make myself less sensitive?

Women tend to be incredibly sensitive to criticism. This is a fantastic quality when applied to the appropriate situations, but when it transforms into a “disease to please,” it can become destructive (to you and the people you love!).

So many women we come across feel fulfilled when the things they do and say receive affirmation. They love to please the people they love. But on the flipside, they’re completely crushed when they receive criticism from a loved one.

Today, Leslie discusses how to shift your perspective if you’re a woman with the “disease to please.”

As human beings, it’s not realistic to expect that everything we do is going to be great and well-received. There will be times when you delight others, and there will be times when you disappoint them. The most important thing to focus on is balance; it’s unhealthy for you to set unrealistic expectations for others’ reactions to your performance (or the quality of your performance itself).

It’s not your husband’s responsibility–or anyone else’s–to shield you from disappointment. Our spouses are here for us to help us grow into the people God intends for us to be. Sometimes that’s going to involve gently communicating disappointment to one another. It’s not pleasant, but it’s a normal part of life.

So next time you don’t live up to your own expectations of yourself, try to inject some humor into the situation. We can’t be perfect, and we can’t please everyone. We all have strong moments, and we all have weak moments.

Step outside the situation and look at yourself with objectivity. Remind yourself that while this might be a bad or upsetting moment for you, a better one is right around the corner.

Ladies, how have you recovered from the disease to please? Husbands, how have you helped your wives? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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