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Tips for Building Your Spouse Up

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How can I increase my spouse’s self-esteem? At some point in our lives, we all deal with issues regarding our self-esteem. Couples can be a great source of strength for one another when it comes to boosting a sense of self-respect in both individuals. You are the #1 person in the world who can help your spouse become happier and more confident. In today’s video, we’ll share some ways you can start working to help your spouse build a healthy sense of self-esteem. Since you’re married to your spouse, and you share a home and life together, you’re in the…

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How to Overcome Loneliness in Marriage

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Why do I sometimes feel lonely in my marriage? So you’re a newlywed, married to your soul mate. Life is looking perfect–and then you feel something you weren’t expecting to feel again. Ever. You feel lonely. How did this happen? While you and your spouse were engaged, you dreamed of all the ways you would fulfill each other’s every need. You promised each other (and yourselves) that you’d never feel lonely again. This loneliness has you in a panic; how could this happen? We often see couples, especially newlyweds, who are struggling with feeling lonely in their marriages. This may…

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5 Valentine’s Day Must Do’s for Your Spouse

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Valentine’s Day is almost here! No other day of the year focuses so closely on love, so this is your perfect chance to show your spouse how much they mean to you. If your marriage is strong, these ideas will strengthen your bond. If you’re struggling, they’re great ideas to spark the positive changes you’re craving in your relationship. Today we’re sharing 5 things you must do for your spouse on Valentine’s Day this year. They’re designed with flexibility and creativity in mind, so take them and make them your own! The possibilities are endless. Write a love letter. Hand-writing…

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Mom Guilt: Remembering the Value of Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

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I feel embarrassed to be a stay-at-home-mom. How can I put more value into that? Mom guilt: it’s a dreaded concept, and an unfortunate reality for most mothers. No matter what choices they’ve made regarding raising children and investing in their careers, women feel guilty. There seems to be no right answer, and there is definitely no perfect choice. In today’s video, Leslie tackles the mom guilt monster and discusses ways for mothers to start feeling more secure in their decisions. You’re feeling immense pressure because you’re the only mom your kids have, and you’re trying to be fully present…

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The Tightrope: Balancing Career and Marriage

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Some of the biggest hot-button issues in marriages today involve each spouse’s career. Work is a major part of each individual’s life, and it can be challenging to balance work and career needs while maintaining a healthy, happy marriage. Couples often find themselves in the midst of conflict over the jobs of one or both spouses. Even though it can take a lot of work, it is possible to balance your careers and your marriage. In this article, we share four suggestions to help you and your spouse create a healthier relationship that exists in harmony with your careers, rather…

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The Work/Family Conflict: When Priorities Clash

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My wife wants me to work overtime over being with the kids. Which one is unreasonable? Getting married and creating a family of your own is a wonderful thing–but married couples are often blindsided by some of the challenges that come along with it. Finding the right balance for your family is an important pursuit, but it takes the two of you working together to make that balance a reality. So what do you do when you disagree on each of your roles in the family? Maybe your spouse wants to be at home with the kids, but you’d prefer…

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Sharing Spirituality: Tips for Creating a Consistent Devotional Time Together

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How can we have a consistent and meaningful devotional time together? Remember when you were dating? It seemed like it was so easy for the two of you to share a special devotional time together. The two of you were eager to spend time together in the Word, and you promised yourselves that you would always continue that ritual. But something’s different now. Since you got married, it’s hard for you to engage in shared prayer and study time. Maybe the demands of daily life have interfered with your ability to coordinate with one another. Or maybe devotional time just…

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7 Ways to Dial Back Holiday Stress

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“Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.’” – Luke 2:13 (NIV) Jesus came to earth to bring peace and save humanity. Christmas was established to celebrate his birth, and to give us time to focus on the greatest gift ever given. But somewhere along the way, the holiday season shifted from a time of thankfulness and peaceful reflection to a time of overwhelm, stress, and discord. Unfortunately, the holidays have become a season that…

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5 Reasons Why Your Spouse Isn’t the Source of Your Happiness

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When we get married, we expect that everything good in our lives will get better, and that being married will make the bad things disappear. Since our behaviors in marriage are fueled by our (often false!) beliefs about marriage, it’s important to shed light on unrealistic expectations and myths surrounding it. One of the greatest and most common myths we tend to believe (but don’t often express) when entering marriage is that we’ll somehow be completed or made whole by our husband or wife. As romantic as that concept sounds, it’s simply not true–and resting all your hope for happiness…

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Practicing Gratitude in Marriage

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Giving thanks for and with your spouse is one of the most significant habits you can build into your marriage. Gratitude is an essential ingredient in any relationship, but it takes intentionality and time to put it into practice. Being grateful can become a way of being, and that carries immense power to sustain and enhance a relationship when authentic. Gratitude illuminates the good gifts we’ve been given–both by our spouse and by God. When we come into marriage each day with thanksgiving, choosing together to see abundance rather than scarcity, relational satisfaction rises. Here are a few specific ways…

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