I’m 27, married, bought a house, have 3 children. I feel like everything is downhill now. HELP!

It’s amazing to have accomplished the dreams you set for yourself at a young age. How exciting, to have all the things in your life you’ve wanted for as long as you can remember! But now you’re in a place where you feel like there’s nothing else to look forward to. What do you do?

If you don’t have any unfinished dreams or anything to look forward to, you’re not in a good place. You’ve cleared a space in your life to begin dreaming for yourself again–to start discovering the goals and ideas you want to pursue now, in the second half of your life.

In today’s video, I (Leslie) am talking about how to approach dreaming again when all your dreams have already come true.

Women aren’t often encouraged to dream for ourselves, so it can be difficult to give time and thought to the things you want to accomplish. It’s second nature to support our husbands’ or children’s dreams, but when it comes to nurturing ourselves, we’re paralyzed.

Get in touch with your new dreams by reflecting prayerfully upon your life, your passions, and what you feel called to do. Ask God to help you identify the areas of your life where a fresh dream might bloom. Keep a journal, and let yourself dream big. It’s never too late to start, and nothing will energize you quite like a fresh dream–even if it progresses slowly, or its pursuit has to be put on hold for a season.

What are you dreaming about? How did you find a new dream when all your other dreams came true? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!


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  • Doug McColl says:

    I have dreams that could last 3 or 4 lifetimes and thats today! By next year I’ll have more!. Some are small, silly whimsical dreams, some we adopt (ie; have a house, wife, dog and a NEW CAR!), others are avant-garde, deep, grandiose and fall into the category of things less likeley to find fruition…but I am a full time dreamer. I love the idea of thinking about making things better, adding value to my own and the lives of others around me and even beyond. My dreams are somewhat of a wish list, not unlike the one I keep at my workplace. Its goes something like this; if we had extra money what would we do with it? Or similarly my home list; When our kids are adults, maybe we could plan a holiday that we could all take together; I dunno like renting a condo at Myrtle Beach for a week? I dabble in performing arts…what if I could do some stand-up comedy or perform on stage, or local radio, etc…How much fun could that be. Life should be fun. Dreaming is fun…it fills your mind and seeds your life with unexpected possibilities and potentials. Sooo, set a few minutes aside every day or two for a dreaming session. Do some sessions alone or with a loved one but the idea is to get inside your head and go deep, ponder, enjoy the journey and write down and share a few dreams…”who knows the places you’ll go!” (Dr. Seuss).

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