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9 Things to Consider Before Saying “I Do”

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The dating and engagement periods of your relationship are a beautiful time for both of you. Romance is blossoming, you’re building dreams together, and anything seems possible. Often, when we’re dating or engaged, we overlook some important areas of our lives that we need to consider before we walk down the aisle. In the haze of falling in love and promising happily-ever-afters, these 9 things (that you seriously need to consider!) often fall by the wayside. Goals Before you take the leap into the lifelong covenant of marriage, it’s important to consider the goals and dreams that both of you…

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Ground Rules for Restoring Broken Trust

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When trust has been damaged or destroyed in a marriage, the rebuilding process takes a huge amount of patience, skill, and–above all–time. After your very foundation has been shaken, restoring trust in your marriage is literally a relationship makeover. You and your spouse must work together over time to rebuild the trust you lost, and both of you have a lot of work to do to get there. But with determination and an absolute commitment to restoration, your marriage can be healthy again. You might not realize it now, but if you’ve been betrayed by your spouse, you can begin…

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What to Do When Your Kids Want You to Date Again

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I have been divorced for two years and have teenage kids. They want me to date. Is it too soon? What do you do when you’ve recently gone through a divorce–and your kids are encouraging you to date again? Typically, children (of all ages) are resistant to the idea of a single parent dating. Divorce turns a family’s world upside down and inside-out, and often the idea of welcoming a new love interest on the scene is unpalatable for the kids–and unsettling for the single parent, even if the desire for a new relationship exists. If your own children are…

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When Your Spouse Won’t Listen

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We all desire to be seen and heard. It is true at work, in our relationships, and most especially with our spouses. Fewer things are more empowering than articulating thoughts that are heard, received, considered and used to grow our relationships. On the contrary, not feeling heard disempowers, erodes and stunts our relationships from maturing. Worse, if it happens over a period of time it can lead to anger, distance and apathy. So what do you do if your spouse won’t listen to you? If you find yourself in that situation, you likely feel frustrated, at best–and entitled, at worst….

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Secrets to Creating Awesome Dates

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Dating your spouse is a great way to sustain and nurture the intimacy in your marriage. We highly recommend taking the time to have a regular date night with your husband or wife. Taking time away from your day-to-day life to focus on one another is a fantastic way to stay connected in spite of whatever else is going on in your life. Today, we’re sharing a few ways you and your spouse can create awesome dates–and great memories along the way. Tie Up Loose Ends at Home This may sound like a strange way to create an amazing date,…

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Tuning Out: Having Sex With Kids at Home

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My wife will not have sex if our grade-school age children are at home. Is that normal? So you’re a husband who’s feeling a little frustrated–and with good reason! Women are so in tune with their environment, and especially with the people and things they feel responsible for, that it can sometimes create issues in the bedroom. Seemingly small annoyances like sounds in the house, cracks in the door or blinds, or the sound of your kids playing in the other room can wreak havoc on a woman’s ability to focus on sex. Men seem to have less of a…

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4 Ways Worry Can Devastate Your Marriage

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It’s easy to get bogged down by worry, but it’s essential to resist the pull. Worrying prevents you from living life fully, and from truly experiencing the richness of your relationships–especially your marriage. In Matthew 6:27, Jesus asks, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” Worry occupies your mind, but it accomplishes nothing. It steals your time and misdirects your focus. It borrows trouble, creating all manner of worst-case scenarios in your mind that will probably never come to be. At its very worst, worry can turn you into a destructive person before…

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Recovering from the Disease to Please

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Is there anything I can learn to make myself less sensitive? Women tend to be incredibly sensitive to criticism. This is a fantastic quality when applied to the appropriate situations, but when it transforms into a “disease to please,” it can become destructive (to you and the people you love!). So many women we come across feel fulfilled when the things they do and say receive affirmation. They love to please the people they love. But on the flipside, they’re completely crushed when they receive criticism from a loved one. Today, Leslie discusses how to shift your perspective if you’re…

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Let Your Wife Be Your Wife. Let Your Mom Be Your Mom.

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Getting married is wonderful, but newlywed life can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to unpacking the expectations husbands and wives have for one another from day one. Often, husbands and wives don’t really know what they’ve signed up for. When expectations collide with reality, things can get messy. Today, we’ll talk about one of the most common comparisons, and the unrealistic expectations that come with it: husbands comparing their wives to their mothers. One of the most inflammatory things a husband can say to his wife is, “That’s not how Mom did it.” Let’s look into some…

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Dealing with a Spouse’s Depression

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Imagine that your spouse has had a sudden personality change. Maybe he is usually an upbeat person who loves to interact with people, and suddenly he is acting cynical and avoiding people (including you). Or perhaps your normally energetic wife is becoming increasingly lethargic and sad, spending more and more time in the bed or on the couch. One thing’s for sure: they’re acting completely out of character, and you can’t seem to get through to them. At first, you feel angry. They’re saying things they normally wouldn’t say–things that disturb or upset you–and you can’t seem to help brighten…

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