How can I increase my spouse’s self-esteem?

At some point in our lives, we all deal with issues regarding our self-esteem. Couples can be a great source of strength for one another when it comes to boosting a sense of self-respect in both individuals. You are the #1 person in the world who can help your spouse become happier and more confident.

In today’s video, we’ll share some ways you can start working to help your spouse build a healthy sense of self-esteem.

Since you’re married to your spouse, and you share a home and life together, you’re in the best position to know what things he or she is self-conscious about. You know better than anyone else what things cause the most self-doubt, or what things keep your spouse awake at night.

In order to start building your spouse up, give them compliments and focus primarily on their strengths–not their weaknesses. Begin helping them by identifying areas where they’re most insecure, and giving them positive messages to rewrite the negative stories they tell themselves.

A great exercise to help building your spouse’s self-esteem is to compliment them in front of others–especially your friends. Introduce them to your friends and/or co-workers in social situations and get them involved in conversation. Try to pull your spouse into a conversation or topic where you know he or she will have confidence.

You are your spouse’s best publicist. In whatever ways work best for your spouse, do what you can to give him or her a boost. It may take some time for them to unlearn those unhealthy ways of speaking to themselves, but your grace and persistence will go a long way toward helping your spouse feel happier and more confident.

Have you or your spouse had trouble with low self-esteem? What did you do to overcome it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section!


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  • Kathy La Dow says:

    Low Self Esteem has been my #1 issue for more than 35 years of our marriage, in both of us! Especially me, the wife. We didn’t recognize that my husband had been dealing with low self esteem all these years also, until our marriage had come to a complete halt this past January. It was when we finally had to start seeking where some of our issues were stemming from.

    You never realize how extensive the damage can be, but when you begin the search you see how the enemy comes to seek, kill and destroy a marriage.

    I am blessed and joyed to say, our chains have been broken and we are on our way to a healthier and blessed marriage. SO LONG LOW SELF ESTEEM, SO LONG INSECURITY!

    Even though we are in our 36th year of marriage, I find that the renewal is just as much of a blessings as before a couple decides to marry.

    My hope is I can pass this SYMBIS assessment along to my son who is planning on getting married, to have them look at all the areas that could later be issues, IF they don’t seek and discover them know.


    Kathy, a renewed Wife!

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