How to Overcome Loneliness in Marriage

Why do I sometimes feel lonely in my marriage?

So you’re a newlywed, married to your soul mate. Life is looking perfect–and then you feel something you weren’t expecting to feel again. Ever.

You feel lonely.

How did this happen? While you and your spouse were engaged, you dreamed of all the ways you would fulfill each other’s every need. You promised each other (and yourselves) that you’d never feel lonely again. This loneliness has you in a panic; how could this happen?

We often see couples, especially newlyweds, who are struggling with feeling lonely in their marriages. This may sound surprising, but loneliness is a normal emotion that married and single people alike experience.

In today’s video, we’ll talk about loneliness in marriage and how to overcome it.

First, don’t panic. There is nothing wrong with your marriage or your spouse. Don’t allow yourself to feel anxious, afraid, or guilty; loneliness is part of life. Even though you love one another deeply, you will still go through seasons when you feel very much alone.

In order to process your own emotions, spend a little time journaling. It’s also always beneficial to pray and stay in the Word.

The two of you can reestablish some activities you enjoy doing together, or find a hobby or pastime you both enjoy. Taking a little extra time to be together will go a long way toward alleviating those lonely feelings.

It could also help you to connect with one or two of your close same-sex friends. Taking time to be with the people you love is a great antidote for loneliness.

Have you experienced loneliness in your own marriage? What are some healthy ways you and your spouse moved through that season? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.



  • Katherine says:

    The church would do well to begin recognizing that in some relationships one of the partners may have Aspergers. Not all loneliness is normal. Not all loneliness goes away. This is heartbreaking for those who wait as their hope for connecting is never fulfilled. We can’t bury our heads in the sand anymore. People are hurting.

  • Tonia says:

    What if you and your spouse never did anything together or refuses to try the things you like?

    • Linda says:

      Seems like you and your husband would have done some things together when you were dating. Perhaps some of those things are worth trying again.

  • Linda says:

    Doing something together means I have to try his hobbies, too. I find that sometimes women expect men to do all the trying or changing. We have a big part in this relationship.

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