Sharing Spirituality: Tips for Creating a Consistent Devotional Time Together

How can we have a consistent and meaningful devotional time together?

Remember when you were dating? It seemed like it was so easy for the two of you to share a special devotional time together. The two of you were eager to spend time together in the Word, and you promised yourselves that you would always continue that ritual.

But something’s different now.

Since you got married, it’s hard for you to engage in shared prayer and study time. Maybe the demands of daily life have interfered with your ability to coordinate with one another. Or maybe devotional time just carries a different energy than it used to. Why?

In today’s video, we discuss ideas for creating your own meaningful prayer time together–one that fits into your life.

A trap many Christian couples fall into after marriage is turning their devotional or prayer time into a way to pass messages to one another–things they might not say otherwise. If your husband or wife is hijacking your study time to “talk about things,” devotional time isn’t going to feel very inviting to you.

Other couples get hung up on what they think a consistent devotional time should look like. It’s easy to let that perception distract you from what’s really important: actually studying and praying together. The reality is, that’s going to look different for every couple.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by guilt in this circumstance, but don’t sabotage yourselves. Guilt will backfire, and will likely push you further away from your intended study time.

The two of you should work together to find your own devotional style, and it’s okay if it looks different from the ideas in your head. Talk together about what CAN work, rather than what you “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing. There are so many creative ways to spend time together with God.

Do you have your own consistent devotional time? What does that look like for you? We’d love to hear from you!


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