5 Ways to Overcome Ruts In Your Marriage

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There is an inevitable “honeymoon” stage in every marriage: the time when you can’t imagine getting irritated by your spouse not replacing the toilet paper roll, where you overlook the crazy in-laws, and where marriage is smooth sailing. It may vary from couple to couple, but eventually we settle into the routines and demands of life. It can be hard to recognize at first, but every marriage will eventually come face-to-face with being in a rut. The problem with getting into a rut in your marriage, like any other time in life, is that it often happens gradually and can…

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Should I marry someone with a different cultural or religious background?

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Can people of different religions and cultures have happy and successful lives together? So you’re considering marriage to a person of a different religion and/or culture. Can your relationship work long-term, given the challenges you know you’ll inevitably face as a couple, and as possible future parents? In this video, we discuss the obstacles that couples from different cultural and religious backgrounds face, and offer suggestions for successfully navigating through them together. If you and your spouse are of different religions or cultures, what difficulties have you faced and overcome together? Have you been able to maintain your unity as…

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5 Ways to Care for Your Husband

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Investing in your marriage by caring for your husband is essential to his (and your) well being. In the noise and clutter of life, nurturing him could easily fall by the wayside; as his wife, you must create daily habits that not only help keep the two of you connected, but strengthen your bond as well. You love your husband dearly–but what are some great ways to translate your feelings for him into action? Today we’ll share five tips to help you show your husband how much you adore him. 1. Affirm Him One of the most important things you…

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When Things Go Unsaid: Managing the Risks of Unspoken Expectations

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How can my spouse and I understand expectations and roles in our marriage? Every person has a list of unspoken rules and unconscious roles that they live by, and these unsaid expectations which can create confusing and potentially dangerous situations in a new marriage. We often even don’t know we’re living by these norms until our spouse begins to break our rules about how life and marriage should go. In this video, we dig into the topic of roles and expectations in marriage, and how to address your own unspoken rules to prevent them from derailing your relationship. How have…

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Finding Rest Together: 5 Steps Toward Sabbath with Your Spouse

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Have the demands of your personal and professional life found you echoing, “I’m too busy to find time to rest”? Is your business becoming a badge of honor? Are your children’s needs overrunning your calendar? Are your community activities dominating your days? Is lack of time and rest causing distance between you and your spouse? Time is one of the most important resources that we have; yet in this day and age, it’s becoming more monopolized by business and family than it is stewarded well with intention and care. Society today meets us with more pressure to succeed, and we…

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Partnering in ʺNoʺ… Helping My Wife Create Space and Reduce Stress

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My Wife Cannot Say “No” to Anyone. She is a Mess with Stress. How Do I Help Her? It’s difficult to watch the person you love most overextend themselves and lose control of their life because they have no boundaries. A person who never says “no” will eventually burn out from exhaustion, and it’s important for his or her spouse to recognize when it’s time to intervene. In this video, we discuss ideas for helping your spouse set healthy boundaries on external demands in order to alleviate stress and exhaustion. Does your spouse have a difficult time saying no? How…

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8 Ways to Make a Strong Decision Together

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Getting married triggers many major shifts in your world. Married life looks a lot different than single life; now, instead of being the sole master of your own universe, you’re sharing that space with your soul mate. The two of you must learn, together, how to navigate life as a team. One area of life that changes drastically–and can quickly become very volatile–is that of decision-making. Putting two heads together in order to reach a joint decision that works for both of you can be daunting, particularly if you don’t see eye-to-eye. Decision-making in marriage is often challenging, but it…

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Please Help Me NOT Marry [a Man Like] My Dad

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People Say We Marry Someone Like Our Mother/Father. Yikes! How Do I Turn Off That Instinct? It’s said that we are attracted to people like our parents… that a woman will be attracted to a man like her father, and a man to a woman like his mother. Many clients come to us and say, “But, yikes! What if I don’t want that?” In a world where parental relationships are often unhealthy, it’s normal for people to fear marrying a spouse like one of their parents. In this video, we talk about the human tendency to be attracted to people…

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7 Dangers of Social Media On Marriage

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Without question, the prevalence of social media has changed the way our society communicates. We spend our time locked into a screen, we give and receive affirmation through the click of a button, and we have a larger sphere of connection than ever before. Technology’s influence on society is deeper and wider than at any other time in history, and so it’s a given that its influence will touch the marriage relationship, as well. It’s important to know the potential pitfalls of social media on a marriage so that a couple can be diligent in avoiding them together. Below we’ll…

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A Battle for His Time: Sports Versus Marriage

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My Husband Spends the Majority of his Time Involved in Sports. Do I need to change, or does he? So you’re married to a sports nut, and it’s causing division in your relationship. Should your spouse change his (or her!) ways, or should you? In this video, we suggest adjustments, compromises, and possible boundaries to implement in order to bring more harmony to your marriage. Are you married to a sports fanatic? What are some things you have done to bring harmony to your marriage? Have you become involved in your spouse’s sports interest in order to cultivate shared time…

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