What Every Wife Should Know About Her Husband

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The differences between men and women are significant, so much so that those inherent gender-based qualities often cause the greatest tension in a marriage relationship. Knowing the key needs of the opposite sex allows a person to understand his or her spouse better, and therefore operate with more patience and peace. A few weeks ago, we talked about the three things that every husband should know about his wife. Today, we’re examining the flipside: the three things that every wife should know about her husband. No one plays as significant a role in meeting a man’s unique needs as his…

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Are ALL things permissible in the bedroom?

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Would God disapprove of anything that we do in the privacy of our home sexually? You and your spouse are incredibly blessed; you get to experience God’s gift of sexual intimacy within your marriage. Making love with your husband or wife can be an adventure, more amazing than you ever dreamed. If you’re engaged but not yet married, you’re probably looking forward to marriage with great anticipation of this almost incomprehensible freedom together. Once you’re married, though, you might wonder what rules God has placed around sex within marriage. What’s OK to do, and what’s not? Are there sexual acts…

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3 Ways to Fight For Your Wife Daily

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The call of a husband is a mighty one: to sacrificially love their wives, the Bible says, as Christ loved the church. What exactly does that mean, and how does it practically play out day in and day out? It is innate in men to love and protect, no matter the cost. Most men would go to battle for their wives–likely even die for them. But what does it look like to fight for your wife daily? In order to win the war, men, you must engage daily in the battle for your wife’s love. It’s a kind of sacrifice…

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Is Living Together Before Marriage OK?

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Living Together Before Marriage? In Biblical days, My fiance and I would be married. What are the differences? Cohabitation is very common these days, and many couples find themselves asking whether they should “test out” their relationships before they get married by moving in together. Conventional wisdom suggests that it makes sense, but research shows otherwise. In this video, we discuss some of the research findings surrounding unmarried couples who live together, versus couples who married before they shared a home. Did you and your spouse wait until marriage to live together? If you lived together before marriage, how did…

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10 Ways to Pray for Your Wife

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Your wife is a gift. She blesses you with love, companionship, help, and plenty of fun. As the spiritual leader of your family, you are responsible for guiding her (and any children you may have) in God’s path. Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” A major part of your role as husband and spiritual leader is covering your wife in prayer. Through prayer, you have an avenue directly to God; you can approach Him at any time on her behalf. Here are 10 ways you can pray for…

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Initiating Intimacy: Is it OK to Ask My Husband for Sex?

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Why do I feel cheap asking my husband for sex? How do I get over it? Transitioning from your role as an unmarried young woman to being a wife is often challenging; suddenly, you’re in a more vulnerable place than you’ve ever been. It can be difficult for some wives to seek out and initiate intimacy with their husbands, but it’s important to start getting out of your comfort zone. In this video, we discuss the importance of approaching your husband to initiate sex, even though it may feel a little awkward for you at first. You’ll let him know…

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5 Ways to Overcome Unmet Expectations

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The trash is overflowing. The check engine light has been on for weeks. The dishes are piling up. You have a free night coming up and no plans have been made. You thought marriage would fix your problems, yet you find them magnified. Phones, emails, and text messages rule over conversation and quality time. Expectations. We all carry them, and never more so than in the context of marriage. They can be powerful, but can also go very wrong. When they are realistic and communicated in a healthy context, you will typically find a marriage that is thriving. When unmet,…

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ʺMind-Readingʺ Magic: Building Clear Communication in Marriage

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I feel like since we got married I don’t know what’s going on in my wife’s head. What happened? When you were dating your spouse, you talked about everything–it felt like you were on the same wavelength. But now that you’re married, you realize you have no idea what your spouse is thinking. Everything between you two was open before, but now there are times when you feel totally lost. So what gives? In this video, we share some ideas for practicing healthy “mind-reading” in marriage that will help you overcome the communication barriers you may be experiencing. Did you…

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10 Ways to Pray for Your Husband

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Fervent prayer is tremendously powerful. Praying for your husband is one of the most important things you can do for the health of your marriage. Calling on God to bless your husband will not only benefit him; it will transform your entire family for the better. There are numerous ways to cover your husband in prayer. Here are 10 important prayers to lift your husband up as you walk through life together. Pray for his ability to lead spiritually. Your husband is meant to be the spiritual leader of your family. The book of Ephesians says, “The husband provides leadership…

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Secrets for Truly Enjoying Your Spouse Again

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How do my spouse and I improve our level of enjoyment when we are together? Over the years, married couples tend to stop focusing so much on the things they absolutely love about each other. They begin taking the things that first attracted them to each other for granted–and this is true for most married couples. So how do we regain our focus on one another and improve our level of enjoyment when we’re together? In this video, we discuss the importance of writing down the best qualities about your spouse that will bring your focus back to what drew…

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