Staying for the Kids: Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

I feel lonely in my marriage, and at this point, I’m only staying for my child. Can our marriage be saved?

Loneliness in marriage is a very common thing. If you’re female, you’re probably craving emotional intimacy that just isn’t there right now. And if you’re male, you might be missing activities or time that you and your wife used to share.

We often crave a level of intimacy that no relationship can deliver consistently–at least, to the degree we’re expecting. Spouses want to “get” each other on the deepest level, and they want to know that, despite everything going on around them, they have that special connection.

In today’s video, we’ll discuss how to alleviate the lack of emotional intimacy and connection that you may be feeling right now.

In your marriage right now, you might be wondering whether your marriage can be saved. The answer is a resounding YES. Fortunately, emotional closeness is something that can change very quickly, in a very short amount of time–so by making a few small changes, you should see a drastic difference in the degree of your emotional closeness before too long.

Men and women communicate differently, and they need different things in order to feel loved. To achieve emotional closeness, you need to be able to understand one another. The understanding and emotional intimacy you’re craving are more likely to come not through conversation, but through shared activity.

What activities might you enjoy doing with your spouse? Men are more likely to connect through shared activity, which will positively affect their emotional connection with their wives. Spend a little time together and share something the two of you enjoy.

The improvement may not be complete all at once–it’s more likely to come in increments. But even a 10% change in your relationship dynamic can change how you feel about your marriage. You’ve both invested so much into building a life together; take the chance and make a few changes. Even a small change can make a huge difference.

If you’re feeling lonely in your marriage, what small changes will you make to share more activities with your spouse?


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