How to Make Your Husband Feel Genuinely Loved

What is the most effective way a wife can communicate love to her husband?

If you want to make your husband (or wife) feel genuinely loved, where do you begin? All of us receive love in different ways; this is widely known as the concept of “love languages.” If you learn to speak your spouse’s love language, you can connect with them on a much deeper level.

Connecting with your spouse and making them feel truly, deeply loved involves carefully considering what would be most effective. Take some time to recall things you’ve done for your husband or wife that elicited a strong positive response.

In today’s video, I’m (Leslie) talking about ways a wife can make her husband feel loved (and guys, this applies to you as well).

Is there an area of life where your spouse really needs help right now? Giving them some encouragement or some extra assistance might really lighten their load and help make them feel especially loved.

Maybe there’s something you can do to surprise your spouse. Or maybe you can take some extra time out of the day to spend with them.

Taking time to carefully choose special, specific acts of love for your spouse sends the message loud and clear that you’re thinking of them. In the craziness of modern life–with jobs, kids, activities and responsibilities–it’s all too easy to neglect choosing and performing these acts of service for your husband or wife.

You’ll both experience a tremendous positive payoff when you take the time to show genuine love to your spouse. What a way to cultivate lifelong love!

How do you show genuine love to your spouse? What sorts of positive reactions and results have you seen? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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