What To Do When Your Spouse is Diagnosed With A Chronic Illness (Part 2)

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In our last post, we began a discussion about how to support your spouse when they’re diagnosed with a chronic illness. These diagnoses can be debilitating, and have the potential to permanently alter what your life looks like from now on. How you respond to the situation, particularly by supporting your spouse, will affect your shared experiences going forward. If you’d like to read part one of this series, you can do so here. As a quick recap, the first things you can do to support your spouse include: Pausing to understand your spouse’s condition and how it might be…

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What To Do When Your Spouse is Diagnosed With A Chronic Illness (Part 1)

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When we get married and say our vows, we commonly include the phrase “in sickness and in health.” And when we’re young and vibrant, it’s often difficult to grasp what this actually means. For some married couples, one spouse might eventually be diagnosed with a serious chronic condition. When either partner receives this kind of diagnosis, it can rattle the entire landscape of the life you’ve built since the beginning of your marriage. In many ways, illness can alter the way your day-to-day life looks–not only for the spouse who received the diagnosis, but for your whole family. A serious…

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5 Tips for Igniting More Romance in Your Marriage

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When it comes to igniting more romance in your marriage, having a deep connection with your spouse is key. Many married couples find themselves sucked into their daily routines and busy schedules, and they’re experiencing less romance and intimacy than they did when they were dating or newlyweds. If this sounds familiar to you, read on. Even though you might be feeling disconnected and discouraged right now, it’s possible to reignite more romance in your marriage. We’ve gathered some tips you can start putting into practice right away to help you do that. Romance doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it…

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My Spouse Has Opposite-Sex Friends. Should I Be Worried?

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Throughout our lives, we’ll have friends who are of both the same and opposite gender. This is a natural part of life. For some individuals, though, the thought of their spouse having close, opposite-sex friends can be a bit unnerving. Does this sound familiar to you? It’s true that there are occasions when opposite-sex friendships are not appropriate in tandem with your marriage. In general, friendships come and go throughout our lives. But the question about your spouse’s opposite-sex friendship might not be so much about gender itself, but more about whether you and your marriage are being honored. Just…

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3 Signs Your Marriage Needs Help Right Now

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Is your marriage in trouble? There are a myriad of ways you can tell whether or not your marriage has crossed over into a danger zone. Those danger signs vary from one relationship to the next, and they manifest for different reasons. While it’s up to you and your spouse to determine exactly what is breaking down in your marriage, there are some basic signs and symptoms you can identify to help you discern whether your marriage needs help. If you’re wondering whether your relationship is in danger, then read on. In this post, we’ve gathered three common red flags…

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Should I Tell My Spouse Every Time Someone Flirts With Me?

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Everyone encounters unwanted flirtation from time to time, whether married or single. Some of us may find it dismaying when, as a married person, we receive that kind of attention from another individual. Having someone flirt with you can be particularly upsetting when it’s someone you know, such as a coworker or friend. So, should you tell your spouse every time someone flirts with you? The answer really depends on the situation. Let’s talk about it. Take Stock of Your Spouse First Before you decide how to handle a situation that involves unwanted flirtation, consider how your spouse may respond…

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4 Ways to Save Your Time Together in the New Year

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It’s a brand new year, and for many of us, this is a time to take a look at our goals and desires for the coming months. For some couples, this might mean finding ways to spend more quality time together. Does that sound like you? Spending time with your spouse is essential to nurturing and deepening intimacy and connection. If you and your spouse are hoping to save your time together in the New Year, there are some simple things you can do to get started. Let’s jump right in. 1. Sync your schedules. As much as you can,…

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How to Build Your New Year’s Vision Together

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The New Year is a time for dreaming, building a vision for the future, and setting the goals you want to achieve going forward. As the New Year approaches, you have a tremendous opportunity to support one another in both your personal goals, and your goals as a couple. We believe that this time of year is a wonderful time to truly reconnect with one another, cheer each other on, and go after your dreams side-by-side. So how can you and your spouse build a New Year’s vision together? Read on. See Where Your Goals Align When you talk with…

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5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Gratefully

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Gratitude is a spirit that’s front and center for many people during the Christmas season. However, this time of year can also be hectic. In the midst of the holiday bustle, it can be easy to lose sight of what we’re thankful for. As we approach this year’s Christmas celebration, we’ve listed five ways you can celebrate with thankfulness in your heart. We hope these ideas inspire you! 1. Embrace childlike wonder. There’s truly magic and wonder in the Christmas season when we take time to embrace childlike joy. So often, adults “grow out” of experiencing true gratitude during Christmas…

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How Holidays Can Bring Fresh Perspective to Your Marriage

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For many people, the holiday season is hectic and fraught with too many obligations, and too little time to fulfill them all. But what if the holiday season was a time when you and your spouse could bring a fresh perspective to your marriage? We believe that’s possible, and in today’s post, we’ll share why. A Great Opportunity to Reflect The holidays are a wonderful time to reflect on not only the past year, but on the life you’ve built together. Holidays can be an emotional time, in both good ways and bad, and they have a way of making…

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