How Do I Avoid Marrying Someone Like My Mom Or Dad?

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Are you worried about marrying someone like one of your parents? It’s common for people to fear partnering with someone like their mom or dad, particularly if that relationship was strained or difficult growing up. If that’s your worry, then what steps can you take to ensure you are marrying a person who is a good fit for you? Wanting to avoid marrying someone who reminds you of a parent is not unusual. But it pays to put things in perspective and get clear on what you really want in a spouse, and in a relationship. Consider What Qualities You’re…

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4 Essential Tips You Need To Know Before Marriage

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There is so much to learn and experience through marriage, from the moment you say “I do.” Over the decades, you will learn more about yourself, one another, and the dynamics of marriage than anyone could ever tell you. Still, it’s helpful to understand certain aspects of this incredible relationship in order to set your expectations before you get married. Whether you’re dating, engaged, or planning to marry someday, there are a few essential tips you need to know before you walk down the aisle. These simple tips will make all the difference in how you experience this new chapter…

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Help! My Spouse Cheated On Me. That Means They’ll Do It Again, Right?

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If your spouse has cheated on you, then you’ve likely heard the phrase, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” But is that sentiment always true? You may be surrounded by people who have your best interests at heart, feel hurt by what your spouse has done, and want to help protect you from future repetition of the same harm. And while there may be merit to the statement–and in some situations, there is–it’s important to look at your individual circumstances objectively first. Affairs are incredibly painful situations that cause deep pain and damage to marriages. The ability to recover from…

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One Important Thing Healthy Married Couples Seek

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In healthy marriages, there’s one important thing that spouses consistently seek. This perspective positively impacts the tone of every interaction in their relationship. When a couple pursues this in their marriage, it can make a tremendous difference in their dynamic over the years. So what are these healthy couples doing to help keep their marriages happy and harmonious? They’re consistently looking for the good in one another. Look for the Good in One Another Couples who want to develop a healthier, more positive relationship put effort into seeking one another’s good qualities. Looking for the best qualities in your spouse…

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How to Embrace a New Season in Your Marriage

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Every couple experiences many seasons of life over the course of their marriage. All these seasons can be related to stages of life, major changes, challenges, stress, loss, abundance, and even the natural cycles that we experience throughout the year. When our marriages enter a new season, we must be able to embrace it in order to continue moving forward together in a healthy way. In this post, we’re going to share a few ways that you can embrace a new season in your marriage. Let’s read on to learn how. 1. Honor the past, but leave it behind. Often,…

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Critical Tips for Overcoming Fear in Marriage and Life

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Fear sabotages the best of intentions. It can infiltrate marriages and relationships, keep you from achieving your goals, and silence good people who might otherwise speak up in the face of adversity. In order to live up to your full potential, and to make your life and marriage the best they can be, then it’s essential to overcome fear. Wondering where to begin? We’ve gathered a few tips to help bolster your courage. 1. Do the right thing in spite of your fear. Oftentimes, overcoming fear means doing the right thing even when you’re afraid to. This works more easily…

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How to Give Your Marriage an Attitude Adjustment

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The attitudes you and your spouse hold toward different circumstances will affect your marriage in a myriad of ways. Good, bad, or clashing attitudes set the stage for how you’ll work together to tackle a problem–or not. That’s why it becomes essential to give your marriage an attitude adjustment from time to time. It’s a good idea to check in on your attitudes from time to time, and from one situation to the next. The way you look at and approach challenges is largely defined by your attitude toward them. If you want to succeed as a couple, then you’ll…

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What You Need to Know About Everyday Problems in Marriage

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Every couple experiences problems in their marriage, and those issues seem to be universally common. If you could be a fly on the wall in our office during the counseling sessions we’ve held over the years, you would hear many similar stories and scenarios repeating themselves among a host of different couples. While the individual features of each scenario are unique, many of the issues come down to the same core problems. Once the honeymoon phase of a marriage has passed, many couples are perplexed when issues and disappointments begin to take root. Building a happy, lifelong marriage takes work,…

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The Top 5 Conflicts Every Married Couple Faces

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Sooner or later, every married couple fights. However, there are some conflicts that are guaranteed to come up between spouses at some point in your relationship. In our experience, the top 5 conflicts every married couple faces are incredibly common and can cause a lot of tension in relationships when left unresolved. Wondering what those common conflicts are? Let’s dive right in. 1. Finances Money is one of the most common issues married couples fight about. Whether you’re talking about spending styles, how much is in your savings account, how much you should spend on vacations and holidays, or even…

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How to Protect Yourself and Your Relationships With Family Boundaries

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Our families of origin have an immense impact on who we become as adults, and on our relationships. Whether friendships or romantic relationships, family imprints onto our personalities and our behavior patterns. If we aren’t able to recognize those influences and set boundaries, then our relationships could suffer. While it’s a good idea to set boundaries regarding what behaviors you will and won’t accept from family members, you also need boundaries to protect yourself from the unspoken behavior patterns you picked up from childhood. Let’s look at a few ways your family can influence you, and what to do about…

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