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7 Secrets to a Healthy Dating Relationship

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Dating can be a thrilling, romantic whirlwind. It’s also a complex developing relationship that requires careful consideration and attention to detail as you get to know one another over time. Ultimately, dating leads to one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life–the decision to marry–so it’s important to cultivate a healthy relationship with your dating partner from the very beginning. By following principles of what we call “smart love” and taking your time, you can build a healthy relationship with your dating partner. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide of 7 tips to help you start on…

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3 Keys to Finding the Love of Your Life

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Love is overpowering and intense–a seemingly mystical mix of emotions and physical sensations that authors and poets have compared to madness. If you’ve ever been in love, you know the feelings: lightheadedness, shortness of breath, excitement, and elation. The problem is that love seems to cause people to really lose their minds. The phrase “love is blind” is true; the all-consuming sensory experience of falling in love tends to block our critical thinking. It can become almost impossible to objectively look at ourselves–and the person we’re dating–from the outside in. Simply put, feelings of love can’t tell us anything about…

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5 Fun Spring Date Ideas to Enjoy with Your Sweetheart

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Our side of the world is finally beginning to thaw from the wintertime freeze. That means it’s a great time to make the most of the fresh, new season. We love the warm weather and sunshine–and we know you do, too–so we’ve compiled a list of some fun springtime dates for you to enjoy together. From backyard picnics to national parks, bike rides to folk art festivals, there are plenty of dates you can go on with your sweetheart this spring. Each of these ideas can help you get to know one another better and build a stronger, more connected…

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Dating Your Spouse Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

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Many married couples–ourselves included–recommend regular date nights as a way to keep your marriage healthy and strong. Taking intentional time to connect with one another away from kids and other distractions is essential, but we often over-complicate it. Time is often the commodity that we have the most difficulty finding. Once that time is set aside, it’s important to plan how you will spend it. If you already sense yourself buckling under the pressure of creating the perfect date, remember this: dating your spouse doesn’t have to be hard! Here are 7 tips to take the pressure off of your…

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What to Do When Your Kids Want You to Date Again

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I have been divorced for two years and have teenage kids. They want me to date. Is it too soon? What do you do when you’ve recently gone through a divorce–and your kids are encouraging you to date again? Typically, children (of all ages) are resistant to the idea of a single parent dating. Divorce turns a family’s world upside down and inside-out, and often the idea of welcoming a new love interest on the scene is unpalatable for the kids–and unsettling for the single parent, even if the desire for a new relationship exists. If your own children are…

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Loving Your Spouse Well in a Time-Starved Marriage

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How Do We Find Time as a Couple When We are So Busy with the Activities Our Kids are Involved in? One of the biggest struggles most married couples with children face is finding time to spend together one-on-one. It can be very difficult for parents to set aside “husband and wife” time because the everyday demands of having jobs, children, and chores can make you feel like you simply have no extra time for anything else. You are likely overwhelmed these days, but the best gift you could ever give your children is the reassurance that their mom and…

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