Why It’s Time to Start Dating Your Spouse Again

It’s time to start dating your spouse again.

Dating is the foundation of most new relationships. It’s a time when you’re excited to be together. You’re doing your best to impress and attract one another, and you’re getting to know each other.

When you’re dating, you’re taking the time and effort to be curious about one another and to learn as much as you can. You’re excited to be together, and you can’t wait for the next date. There’s a sense of anticipation for each meeting, and you can’t seem to get enough of being together.

Contrast that with married life. For many couples, the period after the honeymoon is often a time to sink into the responsibilities of everyday life. Many married couples continue dating, but many don’t.

So why should you date your spouse again?

1. Dating Keeps the Spark Alive

When you continue to date your spouse, you can keep that spark of anticipation, curiosity, and lighthearted fun alive. Setting aside time for regular dates gives you and your spouse something to look forward to that doesn’t involve your usual daily obligations.

Planning dates gives you a chance to check in with each other. You can plan and share activities that you would both like to engage in and learn a little bit about one another in the process. It’s a way of directing your attention and your energy toward one another, even in the midst of a busy schedule that pulls you apart during the week.

Dating doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but it does need to be intentional. However you approach it, strive to create a safe, fun space for the two of you to unwind and enjoy your time together.

2. Dating Can Help You Prioritize Your Time Together

Dating can help you and your spouse keep your priorities in order. You want to have a happy, lifelong marriage. To achieve that, you’ll need to make sure that you’re prioritizing time for one another. Dating is an enjoyable way to make this happen.

Not only will you be planning shared experiences together, you’ll also be setting aside special time for one another on a regular basis. We suggest planning dates as often as possible, but we also understand that every couple has different obligations and schedules. Focus on a rhythm that works for you.

3. Dating Can Help You Model a Healthy Marriage

When you date your spouse, you might just be modeling a healthy relationship for your kids. If you have kids, you want them to see what a happy marriage looks like, and dating can be part of this picture for them. They’ll see their parents prioritizing one another and making time for each other on a regular basis, and that’s a memory they’ll take into their own relationships when they’re adults.

When you date your spouse, your kids will see that you’re both making a special effort to spend time with one another and continue nurturing your relationship. It’s as important to them as it is for the two of you. Whenever possible, communicate with your kids about your dating relationship and the decisions that you’ve made to prioritize each other.

4. Dating Keeps Romance Fresh

Romance is an important part of lifelong love. Think back to your dating days and remember how much time and emphasis the two of you put on romance. If you haven’t continued to focus on romance in your marriage, get back into the mindset of dating and wooing each other. Pursue your spouse throughout the course of your relationship. Romance shouldn’t end after you say, “I do.”


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Do you and your spouse date on a regular basis? How has it helped your relationship? Share your stories in the comments.


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