6 Snow Day Activities to Enjoy with Your Spouse

By January 24, 2018March 22nd, 2018Self Reflection, Time

For many of us in the United States, wintertime is in full swing right now. This time of year, it’s not unusual for many areas to see snow…and, in some places, a little bit of snow can mean a lot of time spent together at home, waiting for the roads to thaw. If you and your spouse find yourselves with an unexpected snow-day-in (or two…or three) this winter, there are plenty of ways you can create joyful memories with one another during your downtime.

1. Play in the snow

There’s nothing quite like putting day-to-day responsibilities on hold and reconnecting with your inner child on a snow day. Playing in the snow with your spouse is pure fun, but it’s also an opportunity to spark a spirit of playfulness that might have been missing in the mix of daily life. This is also a great time to reignite emotional intimacy that may have fizzled since your honeymoon.

Laughing and exerting yourselves outside can reinvigorate your passion, your bond, and the deep love you have for one another. Make snow angels, have a snowball fight, go sledding, build a snowman, or make snow cream–just get out there and let loose together.

2. Get cozy by the fireplace

It’s incredibly soothing to come into a warm house from a cold day out in the snow. After you’ve changed into some dry layers and bundled up with a warm blanket or two, light the fire in your fireplace and cozy up to thaw together. A crackling, roaring fire kindles romance, so get a little closer to each other and soak it all in.

This is a great time to strike up conversation; you can talk about happy childhood memories, favorite memories you’ve made together, activities you enjoyed while you spent time in the snow, or even share dreams for the future. Plus, tender touch cultivates deeper intimacy, so enjoy the opportunity to communicate your love for one another through touch.

3. Make hot chocolate

After you’ve finished the last of the snow cream, switch gears and mix up some creamy hot chocolate to warm your insides. Whether you like the little hot chocolate packs or have a from-scratch recipe you like to make every winter, grab a few mugs and some marshmallows, and enjoy. Sitting together with mugs of hot chocolate is another way to reconnect with those fond childhood memories, jump-start meaningful conversation, practice your listening skills, and make the most of your snow day together.

4. Play some of your favorite games

If you’re busy like most of us are these days, you might not have had much time to play games together lately. Pull out the card deck, the game console, or a few of your favorite board games, and spend some of your indoor time playing a round or two together. If you two have privacy and there are no kids running around your house (or if they’re distracted by all the snow outside), get creative and add a little extra romantic fun to your games. Even if you do have kids at home, you can create opportunities for intimacy.

5. Cuddle up with your favorite movies

When the sun goes down, keep that fireplace going and pop in one or two of your favorite movies for a date night in. If you have time, you can even binge-watch a show you’ve both been itching to see. Make some popcorn, break out the hot chocolate, prop your feet up, and relax.

6. Keep each other warm

There’s nothing quite like a little romance to round out the perfect snow day; it’s the icing on the cake! You’ve cultivated playfulness and fun all day, reconnected with one another on a deeper level, and taken time to simply enjoy each other’s company. Why not end your snow day with just a little more enjoyment? If you’ve been stuck in a rut in your marriage recently, there’s no better time to break out of it than now.

Have you and your spouse had a snow day where you live this year? What are some of your most memorable wintertime memories? Share your stories in the comments below!


  • Some good suggestions! You forgot one though. Shovel your walkways or you will be fined by your municipality. I’d say lol except that’s they way it is. By the time you’re done there’s no energy to do the other six. I’m not really that cynical but for many of us that’s reality. Keep the stuff coming. I use much of it in our counseling ministry.

    • James Fehr says:

      hahaha… Doc, you really are a romantic, you know? Cheers.

    • Nathan Taylor says:

      Sounds like #1, play in the snow. I love shoveling : )

    • Janet says:

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  • kristie Trowbridge says:

    Working together is good. My spouse and I work together shoveling. Teamwork is important in a marriage and at the end of the job you can see what you have done together. Then you have to warm up together maybe drinking hot cocoa or hot tea or make yourselves a fresh pot of coffee. Your adrenaline is up and you have sense of accomplishment. Shoveling together is good.

  • Paul says:

    7. Fly together to sunny FL.

    • JD says:

      Nothing like throwing a wet towel on a great, warm ideas, Dr! Reality, maybe, but did you need to put it out there so strong? I know working together is impt too, but so is having a snow day.
      Thank you Les & Leslie for these great ideas. My husband & I are going to a chalet in a few days to enjoy some quiet winter days in the winter woods.

  • NaTasha says:

    I wish I can enjoy shoveling snow with my husband but we’re in a situation at the moment and I just pray for him to be home soon.

    • JB says:

      Praying for you both, NaTasha. May you both receive whatever you need while apart, until you are reunited once again.

  • Mitch 310 says:

    Hire someone to shovel 🙂 This rest is REALLY important

  • Nathan Taylor says:

    Great ideas, at this point most snow days mean the kids are cooped up too though. We do find some time to snuggle in and read together or share a hot chocolate.

    Thanks for the ideas and encouragement!

  • Zoe Harland says:

    Great advice! I would add something we have just started doing that helps bond the family spiritually together too. We have always prayed together at least once a day as a family ( we have 4 kids, now 20, 18, 16 and 15) but now they are older ,the two oldest are at University ,so we have paired up ( the oldest two girls together , my husband with our youngest son and me with our eldest son) to encourage each other with prayer and reading the Bible. We’ve found using our phones very useful in sharing devotional apps and scriptures.

  • John says:

    Movies: Like “Sarah Trilogy”, yep; at’ll do!

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