Summer Dreams: Why You Should Unplug and Go On An Adventure Together

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Summertime and adventure go hand in hand. Oftentimes, family vacations ramp up this time of year–and what cherished times those can be. Today, though, we are talking about the importance of taking some time away with your spouse to unplug and go on your own summer adventure together.

When we think of adventure, we often believe it has to be an extended time and needs to take place in some far-off land. If that is something you can swing, great–but it doesn’t have to be a roadblock. You can have adventures  halfway across the world or even in very own city, but the key is to do something together.

When was the last time you fully unplugged and took time to adventure with your spouse? If you can’t think of when that was, you are desperately overdue. It is critical for us to emphasize how important this time is for your marriage, kids or no kids.

Here are some reasons why you should unplug for a summer adventure with your spouse.


When married couples are planning or working together, it is usually geared towards more serious matters than having a getaway. From financial planning to coordinating schedules to tackling to-do lists, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the overall maintenance that life requires. Perhaps you and your spouse work well as a team, and can even find joy in the midst of everyday life, but you have got to take a break sometime!

Going on an adventure together involves some sort of planning, yes–but it’s the fun kind! Regardless of where or how far you are going, simply put, it is enjoyable to plan something fun. There are endless online resources at your fingertips to plan some time away. Decide what you want to do and embrace the process of creating your adventure. It is a great way to work together, apart from the rigors of life.


Is there any greater anticipation than pending time away? Part of the fun of an upcoming adventure is the building of excitement as you get closer to the event. Having something to look forward to together can make those have-to’s more fun. Knowing there is a payoff in a couple weeks or months certainly can ease the monotony of the here and now, and serves as a great reminder that something amazing is just around the corner. Embrace those times of anticipation with your spouse. We all love having something to look forward to!


This goes without saying, but it still needs to be said. What good is it to work hard and never let ourselves enjoy the fruits of our labor? Life is far out of balance if you haven’t found yourself allowing time for pure fun with your spouse. When is the last time you simply enjoyed each other’s company? Some of the best marriages around are the ones whose members know how to have fun. Life is too short not to, and it’s amazing to see how having fun can draw you closer to one another.

A big piece of having fun is to allow yourselves to unplug a bit. We spend so much of our time tied to our technology, responding to dings, buzzes, needs and wants of others. Much of that is necessary with our jobs. Like anything else, though, we need to step away. We need uninterrupted hours or days getting back to what is simple and most important. Friends, if your relationship with your spouse isn’t strong, it is nearly impossible to truly thrive in other areas of life.

Your emails can wait. So can your text messages, your notifications and your fantasy sports teams. Your relationship with your spouse is the most important relationship in your life, and in the world we live in today, unplugging can be one of the greatest ways to show each other that.


Life is busy. Time is limited. Demands are high. Often, all of this means that we end up skipping deep conversations with your spouse. It can be hard to find time to talk, much less dream, when you are keeping up with the daily grind. What better way to connect with your spouse, though? You are living and building a life with the most important person to you, and part of that is connecting with your spouse sharing your struggles, victories and dreams.

Getting away for an adventure affords you that time. You’re away from life, more relaxed, having fun and are often far more open to discussing even harder topics during these times. Perhaps you’re taking a road trip. Time in the car is perfect. Turn off your podcast or playlist and talk. Dream. Laugh. Ask questions. Listen to answers. Time away is time to connect. Maybe you haven’t dreamed in a long time with your spouse. What better time than now?


Uninterrupted time. Need I say more? Simply put, time away should always include time to connect sexually. As mentioned above, life gets busy and time goes by. In many marriages, that includes not making sex a priority. Unplugged, uninterrupted time when you’re having fun and connecting affords countless opportunities to be intimate. You have your spouse alone, maybe for the first time in a very long time. Take advantage of that!

If you haven’t planned an adventure (near or far) with your spouse this summer, stop what you’re doing now and make it happen! It doesn’t have to break the bank. It simply needs to be unplugged and just the two of you. Life is too short not to take this time. Summer dreams are made for adventures together!



  • Linda Bemis says:

    Unplugging and having fun is awesome! Have you both unplugged from your busy schedules? It’s easy to know what to say, but to do it when you are leaders is very hard. We know.

  • Tami;-) Harmom says:

    Love it, We have planned a hike around Line rest Lake soon. Stage n Tami?

  • Tirzah says:

    Time away and unplugging is so needful! We try to do this a few times a year, especially for our anniversary. So looking forward to our upcoming getaway! ????

  • My husband and I have always enjoyed your posts. I’m not one to respond to things, but this one I feel led too. When kids are little, its almost easier to get out of town. Grandparents are usually more than willing to take care of them. But when they turn to teens there is an added challenge that they think they are old enough to stay home themselves and don’t need someone to stay with them. Getting out of town is challenging. Last week, my husband and I made a spontaneous decision to head out of town-with the support of the kids. It had been 6 years! The words of my sons text summed it up, “Doooooooooo it!” The older ones stepped up to the plate to drive their sister everywhere she needed to be. Its not easy to get away raising 4 teens, but we had such a good time. We didn’t go any place special (Minot, ND), but we did what we enjoy-bought some tickets on craigslist to sold out concerts, made it a road trip from MN and went to some our favorite country music artists at the ND State Fair. And the house was still in one piece when we got back!

  • Phil Harmon says:

    We unplugged, took our Scooters (35 MPH) on the back roads of northern WA state for 12 days. Even Gr. Gr. Parents need to get away & just enjoy each other’s company. P & E.

  • Cora Young says:

    Hallelujah! Well said.

    Coincidentally, my husband and I did just what you described. We went on a cruise for the first time and agreed to “unplug” for the whole trip this past week. We got to spend much needed quality time together. We did not check our email, social media, phone messages, etc. It was refreshing!
    Our fun began when we started the planning process. We interrograted our friends and coworkers of their experiences, the anticpation got others excited for us, too!
    We had our morning devotions together plus we had time to converse without being interrupted. We shared at much deeper emotional levels. We developed much closer intimacy in many levels!

    Appreciate your ministry, you have touched our lives/marriage so wonderfully!


  • Kevin McCarthy says:

    Thanks for the post! Wholeheartedly agree! My wife and I were invited on a 10 day vacation to Europe by close friends in 2001, which was the pivotal event in revitalizing our marriage. Just returned from a long weekend get-away with my bride. Revisiting our Honeymoon destination in September in celebration of our upcoming 30th anniversary. Grateful for get-aways and couples adventures!

  • Kristin Fotia says:

    Very Very cool post! I couldn’t agree more! “What good is it to work hard and never let ourselves enjoy the fruits of our labor?”

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