Spiritual Intimacy Roundup: Connecting With Your Spouse on a Spiritual Level

One of the most overlooked aspects of a solid, godly marriage is spiritual intimacy. This connection between you and your spouse transcends all others, creating a lifelong bond that will carry you through every season of your marriage together. If you’re interested in deepening your spiritual intimacy, then this post is for you.

We’ve collected some of our top resources on spiritual intimacy to give you and your spouse a running start at this all-important aspect of your relationship.

1. The Importance of Spiritual Intimacy

Many married couples don’t talk enough about spiritual intimacy. In fact, that topic tends to get lost among the myriad other responsibilities and obligations of everyday life. However, studies show that sharing a spiritual bond is incredibly important to your marital health.

Building spiritual intimacy is more than attending worship services together. It’s a vital practice that enriches every area of your relationship–but you have to nurture it intentionally. Read more.

2. 6 Essential Ingredients for a Godly Marriage

Part of cultivating spiritual intimacy together is building a godly marriage. If you want a lasting marriage that is both God-honoring and reverent, it’s possible–and it will lend itself toward deepening your spiritual intimacy as a couple. In order to reach the depth of spiritual intimacy that builds lifelong love, you’ll need to get acquainted with what the Bible tells us about godly marriage.

Ready to start moving your marriage closer to God? This resource is specifically geared toward engaged couples, though it contains useful tips couples can use at any stage of their relationship. Read more.

3. Sharing Spirituality: Creating a Consistent Devotional Time Together

Nurturing spiritual intimacy in your marriage means setting aside time to do so. One of the most effective ways to spend time together with God is by creating a consistent devotional time. During this time, the two of you can take time with each other and scripture to deepen that spiritual bond you share. Read more.

4. 3 Ways to Connect Spiritually When Your Beliefs Clash

It’s common for spouses to sometimes hold differing spiritual beliefs from one another. That means it’s very possible for spouses to clash from time to time. In our experience, the couples who struggle with connecting spiritually see it as an immense challenge.

When your beliefs differ, you must both exercise wisdom, grace, and empathy in order to connect on a spiritual level. But the good news is, it’s possible to force a closer union in spite of your differences. Read more.

5. 3 Ways to Make Loving Like Jesus a Habit

If you and your spouse want to create a deeper spiritual connection in your marriage, then loving like Jesus is one of the most important building blocks that will get you there. Learning more about how Jesus loved will bring you both closer to Him. It will also help you emulate His love in your marriage.

When you love more like Jesus, you’re more selfless, accessible, and empathic. You’re actively practicing His guiding principles on a daily basis. As you build this crucial habit, you’ll begin to see that it pays dividends, both in your marriage and beyond. Read more.

If you’d like a little extra guidance on loving as Christ did, check out Les’s book, Love Like That. It takes a deeper look at all the ways Jesus loved, with practical tips on how to apply those same practices in your own life. Get your copy here.

Do you and your spouse work intentionally on building spiritual intimacy? What are some of the habits you’ve created to help you pursue it? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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