Is Living Together Before Marriage OK?

Living Together Before Marriage?

In Biblical days, My fiance and I would be married. What are the differences?

Cohabitation is very common these days, and many couples find themselves asking whether they should “test out” their relationships before they get married by moving in together. Conventional wisdom suggests that it makes sense, but research shows otherwise. In this video, we discuss some of the research findings surrounding unmarried couples who live together, versus couples who married before they shared a home.

Did you and your spouse wait until marriage to live together? If you lived together before marriage, how did that impact your relationship? What struggles did you face that you might not have had to deal with, had you waited?

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  • Libby V. says:

    We have been married one week and a day (and honeymooning one week)! We felt so strongly about this, and despite the pressures of this world, we really wanted to wait until marriage to live together. So we did. The response from parents of our youth group kids and Christian family members was amazing. So much support for being an example of a Godly relationship in this day and age.

    We have been together since high school (6+ years), so we definitely could have lived together before marriage. However, it was so incredibly special to go home for the first time together on our wedding night. It’s not just living together, but the implications of that decision (sex before marriage) that also matter to us. If there’s a will, there’s a way. (:

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