Do I Need My Husband’s Permission to Pursue a Dream?

By June 24, 2016February 23rd, 2018Communication, Conflict, Time

I want to go back to school. Do I need my husband’s permission?

When you find yourself hoping to pursue a dream, do you need your spouse’s permission to do that? You’ll need to make the final decision as a couple, but there is a way to navigate this situation successfully.

If your spouse is present-oriented and comfortable with where you currently are–financially, relationally, lifestyle-wise, etc.–you may have to help him or her stretch a bit to see the future benefits of pursuing this dream now. This may be challenging for you, but helping your spouse to see the long-term wins (for both of you!) will help your cause.

In today’s video, we’re discussing ways to approach your spouse about pursuing your dream of going back to school.

Even though you may have to delay gratification for a while and put some other things on hold, in the long run, your earning power will be higher and you’ll both reap the rewards. A major bonus is that you’ll be happier, more pleasant, and more fulfilled later (and this definitely can’t hurt your spouse).

Here are some solid strategies for asking your spouse to support your dream of going back to school:

  • Let him/her know you’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices to go back to school (or seek the training you need to pursue your dream or desired vocation).
  • Come up with a concrete plan to present to him/her before you have the conversation.
  • Chart your course and let him/her know exactly what it’s going to take to achieve your goal.
  • Give him/her options of different potential plans you could follow to get where you want to be.

Most importantly, don’t give up on your dream!

Did you go back to school (or to college, graduate school, etc.) for the first time after you married? Was your spouse supportive? How did you get him/her on board? We’d love to hear from you!


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