How to Support a Depressed Spouse and Regain a Joyful Relationship

I love my husband but he has depression and I’m tired of the ups and downs. Can you help?

Depression is one of the most challenging things a couple can experience together. It steals joy and peace from the marriage by robbing one spouse’s happiness and peace of mind. This has a profound effect on the spouse without depression, and often results in tension and unhappiness in the marriage relationship if not dealt with appropriately.

Supporting a depressed spouse and coping with his or her condition can be emotionally, mentally, and physically draining. Be sure to prioritize self-care, and do whatever you can to preserve your own health as you help your partner through this very difficult season.

In addition to focusing on self-care, actively seek support for yourself. Trying to support a depressed spouse all on your own makes you vulnerable to developing depression yourself, so you’ll need someone you can trust who can be a source of strength for you while you help your husband or wife.

When your spouse is depressed, they may feel hopeless–and you might start to feel the same way. But there is definitely hope for couples dealing with depression in their marriages! It may take time, but with the proper therapy, medications, and lifestyle changes, you are fully capable of coming out on the other side of this stronger than ever.

In today’s video, we discuss the effects of depression in marriage, types of depression, and possible treatments. With the right support, your spouse can recover his or her joy, and the two of you can regain a happy, healthy marriage.

Have you dealt with depression in your marriage? What measures did you and your spouse take to overcome it? What kind of support did you receive? Please share your experiences in the comment section.

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