Can Marriage Mentors Help with Conflict Resolution?

Are you dealing with a conflict in your marriage? Struggling to reach a workable solution–or just stuck in a stalemate? Marriage mentors can provide the support you need to help you and your spouse resolve conflict in your relationship, whether it’s a long- or short-term problem.

Married couples face good and bad times throughout their marriages. It’s just a given. But sometimes, we find ourselves locked into an issue we can’t seem to shake.

If you and your spouse are going through a hard time, there’s help available. One way to get support for your marriage is by connecting with marriage mentors: another married couple with plenty of experience who can help you sort out some of your day-to-day struggles.

So what does that look like?

Marriage Mentors Offer Valuable Perspective

Sometimes when we’re in the middle of a conflict, we can’t see the forest for the trees. In other words, we get so focused on the problem at hand that we can’t see the big picture. That’s where mentors come in.

Marriage mentors can help you take a step back and look at your situation with a fresh perspective. When we’re emotionally entangled with a problem, it can be hard to see the conflict objectively. Mentors can step in and help us do that.

Partner with marriage mentors who have had similar life experiences and have come out on the other side stronger and healthier than before. They have a story you can learn from–one that offers hope that you can overcome your current challenges, too.

Marriage Mentors Cheer You On

No matter what you’re going through, marriage mentors act as your cheerleaders and support system. When the going gets tough, they’re here to let you know they’ve got your back.

If you’re in the trenches with your spouse right now, marriage mentors who have also been there are your greatest advocates. Having an empathic, enthusiastic couple to lean on from time to time can give you both the shot of motivation you need to get through a hard season.

Sometimes, all you need is for someone to say, “Hey, you’ve got this. You guys can get through this.” Mentors can do that for you.

Marriage Mentors Know When You Need Additional Support

There will be times in your marriage when you may benefit more working with a different couple or a professional counselor. Marriage mentors know when to make that call and refer you on to different mentors who are a better fit, or to a professional who is more equipped to handle complex problems.

If your mentors do choose to step back and refer you out, recognize that this is a sign of strength. Don’t take it personally. Instead, try to allow yourselves to feel gratitude for their wisdom and willingness to help you get help more tailored to your situation.

Want to Dig Deeper into Conflict Resolution?

Couples need advocates, now more than ever. In a time when so many individuals and couples are facing difficulties–whether financially, relationally, or both–we need that extra support.

In addition to working with supportive mentors, you can also get recommendations for constructive conflict resolution through our SYMBIS Assessment. The assessment allows you to take a deeper dive into your personal fight styles, communication styles, and much much more. SYMBIS will help you get to know one another better than before. You can connect with a certified SYMBIS Facilitator in your area to get started here.

Have you and your spouse ever worked with a mentor couple? What was the experience like? Let us know in the comments section.


  • Kissan Philip says:

    Praise the Lord

  • Andrea Harris says:

    My husband and I did SYMBIS a few years ago while we were having some serious rebellion issues with our daughter, which was causing us to fight a lot. Our counselor was also an acquaintance from church, Tim, and he was so kind, supportive and completely non-judgemental. We had a great experience and really believe it saved our marriage.

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