5 Ways to Care for Your Husband

Investing in your marriage by caring for your husband is essential to his (and your) well being. In the noise and clutter of life, nurturing him could easily fall by the wayside; as his wife, you must create daily habits that not only help keep the two of you connected, but strengthen your bond as well.

You love your husband dearly–but what are some great ways to translate your feelings for him into action? Today we’ll share five tips to help you show your husband how much you adore him.

1. Affirm Him

One of the most important things you can do for your husband is to bathe him in affirmation. Seasoning your conversations with affirming words will help you cultivate a deeper level of intimacy in your marriage.

Symbis- 728X90Gift your husband with words that will make him feel special, valued, and respected. Praise him for his talents, his generosity, or his work ethic. Tell him what attributes of his are gifts to you and others. Build him up daily, continually filling his cup.

Asking your husband for advice, for his opinion, or to share his expertise will show him that you recognize and appreciate his strengths and input. It automatically builds him into your choices and decision making as a couple.

Being generous with your praise will pay great dividends in the long run. Remember to be genuine when you affirm; your husband will be able to tell whether the words you say to him are authentic.

2. Love Him in His Language

Showing love to your husband in the way he best receives it is a wonderful way to care for him. It won’t always come naturally to love from his perspective, but when you do, he’ll know you’re really focusing him and on his unique needs.

When does your husband seem to revel in your love? Whether he responds best to acts of service, loving words, gifts, shared activities, or any other expression of love, focus on those areas and bless him. He’ll appreciate the effort you make to help him feel cherished.

3. Flirt With Him

Flirting with your husband is a great way to pay him special attention and communicate your attraction to him. It’s likely one of the qualities that drew him to you when you were dating.

Use your words, body language, and the power of touch to flirt with him. Be very intentional every day to touch him tenderly. Words are one thing, but touch is on a completely different level. Touch sears into our memories, intensifying our experiences together.

This sort of physical contact is not necessarily the kind that leads to sex; instead, it’s the touch that helps the two of you maintain your connection outside of intimacy.

If you’ve found that you no longer flirt with your husband like you used to, it’s never too late to start again. He’ll love the renewed affection, and will likely return it to you.

4. Be Available To Him

In all ways, make yourself available to your husband. Be accessible. Be his companion, his confidante, and his lover. He needs you! Gift him generously with your time, lovingly fulfilling his needs.

Being sexually available to your husband is critical, and it’s often a challenge for busy wives. Be sure to set aside time to prepare yourself mentally and physically for intimacy. He will recognize your efforts, and both of you will benefit exponentially.

It might also be very meaningful to him for you to spend some time with him in his element, sharing activities that are special to him. His favorite pastimes may not be your cup of tea, but if you choose to get involved in those things with him anyway, he’ll notice and appreciate that.

5. Let Him Be Who He Is

During the early phases of a relationship, we often don’t recognize one another’s quirks or habits that may be annoying or difficult to endure. As we settle into a long-term relationship, we see those things more clearly.

It can be tempting to try to make adjustments to your husband once his personality quirks become clearer to you. Instead, empty yourself of the need to change him. Those quirks that annoy you can become the very things that endear you to him.

You fell in love with your husband for who he is. Let him be that person, and you will both thrive.


As you navigate life together, these habits will serve you both well. Pay close attention to your husband to determine what he specifically needs in order to be the best version of himself. Lift him up; be a refuge for him, a source of love and affirmation at any given time.

Wives, in what other ways do you care for your husbands? How have they responded, and how has that positively impacted your marriage relationship? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.



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