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How Facts vs. Feelings Influence Your Spouse

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In marriage, spouses influence one another significantly–both consciously and unconsciously. Knowing whether your spouse is more influenced by facts or by feelings can add a great deal of productivity to your conversations. We’re all influenced primarily by either facts or feelings. When spouses’ primary points of influence clash, this can lead to difficulties in communication. But when we know the driving force behind one another’s primary influences, we can better anticipate how to communicate successfully. So how do you determine whether your spouse is influenced by feelings or facts? How to Know if Your Spouse is Influenced by Facts People…

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Creative Ways to Approach Your Spouse’s Quirks

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One of marriage’s greatest gifts is the gift of feedback. Through providing one another with constructive feedback, we can grow into the best version of ourselves. Being married is a lot like looking into a mirror that reflects back the best and worst parts of us. On one hand, we share our life with someone who can support and encourage our strongest qualities. On the other, that same person can make us aware of places where we fall short so we can course-correct when we need to. The trick with feedback is knowing when and how to give it–particularly when…

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Surprise Pregnancy: 4 Things to Do When You Weren’t Planning for a Baby

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Two pink lines on a pregnancy test can create a major shift in your marriage. And if the pregnancy is an unexpected surprise, it can create a little chaos for you both. Maybe you and your spouse are newlyweds, and you’ve decided that you want to enjoy a few years together–settling into your careers, enjoying your first home, cultivating intimacy–before having a baby. Or maybe you’ve already had children and weren’t planning to have more. But now you’ve learned that you’re going to have a new baby…and it’s a complete shock. While having a baby is a wonderful thing (and…

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5 Ways Empathy Can Neutralize Conflict with Your Spouse

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Empathy is defined as the identification with and understanding of another’s situation, feelings, and motives. It’s a critical component to success in all types of relationships, but it’s particularly valuable in marriage, a place where peace and harmony are paramount to success. Practicing empathy can effectively neutralize conflict and restore peace to your marriage. Here are 5 ways being empathic toward your spouse can benefit you both and nurture lifelong love. 1. Empathy opens your eyes to another point of view. When you empathize with a person, you put yourself in their shoes. You’re able to view things from their…

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Dealing With Changing Feelings in Marriage

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Is it normal to wake up thanking God for your husband one day, and the next day you can’t stand him? Welcome to true love. It may sound funny, but this is how it is! We’ve never met anyone who wakes up every single morning, looks at their spouse, and thinks they’re the luckiest person in the world. No–definitely not every morning (not even us!). You married a real person. Your spouse has great strengths, abilities, and character…but on the flipside, your spouse also has annoying habits and flaws, and I’ll bet he or she also makes plenty of mistakes….

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