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Four Tips to Alleviate Chore Wars

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Chores tend to be a frequent and hot source of arguments in relationships. Why? Because chores are there – day in and day out. For many of us, chores aren’t on the top of our to-do list, which makes arguing about household duties an easy thing to do. Couples enter marriage with unconscious expectations, the key is to communicate these expectations and determine together who does what. As your lives grow and get more complicated (children, career shifts, etc.) the household responsibilities become more complicated as well. Chores will never disappear, but your disagreements about them can. Here are four…

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Overcoming the Fighting: Chores and Bills

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You and your spouse have sunken into the grind of everyday life, and now you’re up to your eyeballs in chores and bills. On top of all that, you’re fighting over who should handle what! Maybe your spouse has skipped out on housework, leaving you in the lurch. You feel like everything is on your plate–but literally every plate in your house is filthy! What do you do? Today, we’re sharing suggestions for how to break a stalemate when it comes to doing the chores and paying the bills. Who should do what, anyway? And how do you figure it…

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Too Busy to Clean and Cook – But My Spouse Says No Outside Help

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Is it alright that I don’t do our own housework? My husband doesn’t like it. Today’s busy culture has changed a lot about what life and work looks like. Full-time jobs now look very different than they used to, and both men and women are often stretched to their limit. So what do you do if you want to hire a little extra help around the house–and your husband or wife is totally against the idea? It’s difficult to approach your spouse and acknowledge a personal limitation. And it’s even tougher when your spouse thinks that your limitation is a…

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