A Career We Can Be Proud Of?: When Your Spouse Isn’t Reaching His Potential

How can I convince my husband to go back to school and make the most out of his life?

Let’s say you’re a few years into marriage, and perhaps your husband’s career prospects aren’t looking very rosy. Maybe your income isn’t comfortable, or his professional status isn’t what you believe it should be. It’s important that you pause to consider your motivations behind these feelings.

First, remember that you married your husband for his qualities, and that those qualities may now lend themselves to his current career situation. His vocation may be fulfilling for him, whether or not the idea of it is fulfilling for you.

In this video, we discuss conflicts that arise when one spouse is feeling dissatisfied over the other’s choice of career.

Your husband may be content in his work, or he may simply be using his bill-paying job as a means to an end (for example, he might he pursuing his passion on the side).

Some people develop their talents and abilities within the context of a job, but some do not. Some people pursue their passions on the side as they meet their family’s needs with a regular job.

Don’t let your own preferences or vision of who you think your husband should be cloud your love for him. You cannot force him to choose a career field that suits you; the direction his work takes will depend heavily upon who he is, and where his passions lie.

It’s important to work together to build a shared vision of your life as a couple, based on who both of you really are. You fell in love with one another because of who you are–and it’s important to focus on the qualities you love about one another as you navigate all areas of your life, career included. Your life together is bigger than either of your jobs, so work together to build your vision.

What do you think? Have you and your spouse clashed over vocational or career paths? We’d love to hear from you!


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