Please Help Me NOT Marry [a Man Like] My Dad

People Say We Marry Someone Like Our Mother/Father. Yikes! How Do I Turn Off That Instinct?

It’s said that we are attracted to people like our parents… that a woman will be attracted to a man like her father, and a man to a woman like his mother. Many clients come to us and say, “But, yikes! What if I don’t want that?” In a world where parental relationships are often unhealthy, it’s normal for people to fear marrying a spouse like one of their parents.

In this video, we talk about the human tendency to be attracted to people like the ones who raised us, and how individuals can create closure in the midst of unfinished business with their parents. Doing so frees them up to make healthy decisions about the person they choose to marry.

Did you marry someone like your mother or father, or were you attracted to someone with different qualities? If your spouse is like one of your parents, what effect has that had on your marriage? Share your comments below.

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