How to Share More Prayer with Your Spouse

Prayer is an essential part of life as a Christian that connects you to directly to God. Incorporating regular prayer in your marriage is a powerful way to not only deepen your relationship with Him, but also with one another. It’s a tool to increase intimacy and grow spiritually.

Life is busy. We understand how difficult it can be to take time for daily prayer on your own–and how much more challenging it is to incorporate your equally-busy spouse into that routine. Luckily, there are several ways the two of you can make more time to pray together, and we’re going to show you how.

Share a morning devotional time

Morning devotionals are often recommended because the early morning is a quiet, peaceful time. For many married couples–especially parents–it’s a time of day when no one needs anything from you yet. So if you and your spouse are early risers, this could be a great time to pray together before you start your day.

Morning prayer time could include grabbing some coffee and reading a chapter in a devotional book, sitting down together scripture, or even just taking a few minutes to share things that are on your hearts. Whatever that may look like, prayer time at dawn could become your new favorite ritual.

Make use of tech tools

We have the ability to stay connected 24/7 through tech tools like smartphones and social media. If you and your spouse are able to text one another during the day, make use of that. You don’t have to both be in the same physical location in order to pray effectively for one another.

Having a hard day at work? Fire your spouse a text asking for prayer. Got something on your mind that you want to pray about together? Send a quick message before you forget. This could result in the two of you keeping an ongoing prayer dialogue throughout the week. Just make sure you draw proper boundaries around your tech communications when you’re at work (for example, only checking texts during designated break times).

Pray together before meals

Praying together before meals might seem like a no-brainer, but couples are doing well to eat dinner together regularly at all these days. Meal times can become a thoughtful place to discuss things you want to pray about, then incorporate them when you say grace.

If you have children, this can be a great chance to include them in your daily prayers. Ask them what they’d like to pray about, and take turns leading the family in prayer before you eat together. It will not only give you and your spouse more prayer time together; it will also help to instill those good habits in your children.

Start prayer journals and share

Prayer journaling is another great way to stay in tune with the people, situations, opportunities, and provision you want to pray for. If you and your spouse are on the go, work opposite schedules, or have little time to sit down together, this is a way you can keep track of your prayers and share when you’re able.

Make prayer part of your bedtime routine

Saying prayers before going to sleep at night is another routine that seems simplistic, but it’s a powerful way to close your day with your spouse. Bedtime is a quiet, intimate time you can incorporate prayer into together. And sometimes, at the end of the day, concerns weigh more heavily on you and it can be difficult to feel restful. Taking time together to unwind and pray could have a powerful impact on your nights–and your mornings, too.

Start praying more now

This coming week, talk with your spouse about how the two of you can create more time and opportunities to pray. Then, try incorporating one of these routines (or another that works for you!) into your routine.

Do you and your spouse pray together regularly? How do you create the time for prayer in the midst of your busy schedule? Share your strategies in the comments section below.


  • Janelle Bengtson says:

    We get up with each other in the morning and have coffee. We visit a little bit, then open our Bible and read a portion of a chapter in the book of the Bible that we are studying at that time. For instance we may read a portion of Ephesians and then talk about it with each other. Then we end with prayer; we take turns prayng back-and-forth, some call it pop corn prayers. Sometimes my husband likes to read a devotional, his favorite right now is Sparkling Gems by Rener.
    This is my favorite time of day and this is the best way we stay connected with each other.
    We’ve been doing this for about five years, I’m sad that we didn’t begin this earlier in our marriage. We’ve been able to see God use our time together to grow us closer to each other and God. Try it!

  • Stephen Hampton says:

    We were taught to pray together using this tool/format over 12 years ago, and we are still doing it today:

    Husband starts by saying: (wife’s name), I desire to deepen my love for you today in body, soul & spirit. One thing I appreciate about you is _______________________. How can I pray for you today?
    After the wife shares, then the husband prays for his wife.

    The wife then says: (husband’s name), I desire to deepen my love for you today in body, soul & spirit. One thing I appreciate about you is ________________________. How can I pray for you today?
    After the husband shares, then the wife prays for her husband.

    Options: When the husband prays for his wife he can clothe the couple with the full armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-18 so that as a couple you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

    If you pray together in the morning, then when you see each other later in the day, ask about the thing you prayed for your spouse about. This helps with emotional and spiritual intimacy. If one of you travels a lot with work, then either call and pray together on the phone or FaceTime or Skype each other and do it. You can also text each other and pray for each other if you can’t actually talk in person.

  • Sarah says:

    My husband and I have been married for over a year now. Before we were married we prayed together quite often. But since we have been married it pretty much stopped. We pray briefly at dinner. We alternate who does the prayer at every meal. We may have to change that after reading this. Thank you for your dedication to helping married couples.

    • Amber says:

      Hey Sarah, I have been married about 10 years now and I will tell you, prayer does not get easier as life progresses. It is normal as newly weds to sink into comfortable habits of being around each other and not feeling the need to do certain things you once did prior to marriage. If I could give a inkling of advice from a person who wishes She could have done things differently before 10 years flew by, it would be to encourage that prayer time with your spouse.. even if you feel uncomfortable doing it. I still feel uncomfortable doing it and asking for it, which is silly.. But I think it has to do with being vulnerable with one another and with God. Admitting to each other that we don’t have it all together, that we are not in control, and that God is sovereign over all. We need Him and we need each other. It’s easy once you get married to sink into “oh we got this, we’re good now” and forget about the sacred communion of how beautiful marriage can be. It is a constant work in progress. Start early in your marriage, build habits even if they feel weird at first. The feeling will fade and soon you will look forward to those times with each other and the Lord and it will seem so natural and one day you will look back and think.. “wow, what a difference this has made in my marriage!” At least that is our hope, one day at a time, one prayer at a time. Congratulations on your first year!

  • Sue says:

    Great article. Since my husband and I do not share the same level of faith it has been next to impossible to get him to set aside a formal time for us to pray. The idea to send texts offering and asking for prayer just may work. God specializes in the impossible. I can’t wait to see what he can do.

    • Risha says:

      Amen He does. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE with GOD. The word impossible is I’m Possible, remember we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Your prayers will bring him closer to God Sue. See 1 Corinthians 7:14; Text prayers are wt we do quite often bcuz its easier that way for us right now. Prayer Changes and Prayer Works.

  • Jerome says:

    Don’t make prayer difficult, but do speak the power of the covering of your spouse. For example, on tough days I remember to ask to be reminded of the peace that her smile brings and that her prayers are also covering me. It’s important to be excited by Matthew 18:18-19, she’s my “TWO!” There’s joy in the fact that your mate gives you the authority of two!

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