How Holidays Can Bring Fresh Perspective to Your Marriage

For many people, the holiday season is hectic and fraught with too many obligations, and too little time to fulfill them all. But what if the holiday season was a time when you and your spouse could bring a fresh perspective to your marriage? We believe that’s possible, and in today’s post, we’ll share why.

A Great Opportunity to Reflect

The holidays are a wonderful time to reflect on not only the past year, but on the life you’ve built together. Holidays can be an emotional time, in both good ways and bad, and they have a way of making us want to look within to see who we’ve become over the years. For example, how have you and your spouse grown and changed, from your first Christmas together until now?

Maybe you’re in the midst of a difficult season, and the holidays are tough because of that. You can take some time to remember happy memories from years past, knowing that better times are ahead. Embrace the hope of the season and the promise of God’s love as you soak it all in together.

Time to Make New Memories

Holidays offer a chance to make new memories with one another. Consider starting a new holiday tradition for your family, or traveling to a destination you’ve never visited before. Revisit past memories and renew the experience now. How can you and your spouse build on past seasons to make this one memorable?

Making new memories can revitalize your outlook on the season. These days are so special, and the time is always right to focus on gratitude and joy. Document your time together so you can revisit these new memories for years to come.

Extra Time Together

During the holidays, many of us take time off from work to spend time with our families and celebrate. Capitalize on that extra time if you have it. Focus on one another, slowing your pace where necessary to reconnect.

We’re often time-starved in our marriages, and it can be difficult to slow down and focus on one another in the midst of a hectic schedule. If you have the chance to step away from work and everyday obligations during this season, then take advantage of it. When it’s time to ring in the New Year and get back to business, you’ll both be grateful you took the time to pause.

A Chance for Fresh Beginnings

The winter holiday season leads us into a brand new year. It’s traditionally a time when we think about how we want to approach the upcoming year with hope and a fresh outlook. If you need a fresh start, you can work together to create one as you step from one season into the next.

Oftentimes, people look to the New Year as a time to revitalize their relationships and their wellbeing, in addition to setting goals they want to achieve. If you and your spouse want to build more loving, grace-filled relationships with one another and those around you, then we can help.

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Do you and your spouse “reset” during the holidays? How does that help you as you move into the new year? Let us know in the comments.

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