Finding Strength in Surrender: Part Two

“I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” Philippians 4:11

Last week, we started our two-part series on the benefits of surrender. When we open our hearts to surrender, we release the burden of maintaining our ideals of what a perfect life should be. We learn to love the life we live in, and let go of faults or mistakes. Lastly, we learn to forgive and not dwell on the past.

There is immense power that is found in surrendering. It’s finding the strength to carry through that can be tough, sometimes. This week we are touching on more ways surrendering begets happiness. Our hope is this series will help you find the inner power of surrender.

Find power in your pain

All of us hold on to the ideal that life shouldn’t be painful. But, it is for everyone at some point. Unfortunately, no one is exempt from pain. The key is to surrender and find power in your pain. After all, we are stronger that we think.

This is a choice we are all entitled to. Rather than holding onto something painful and cursing it, try to rise above it. When you face the truth of your pain, you will avoid the temptation to ignore or deny it. You will begin to uncover the power that comes from letting go of what your pain is ultimately preventing; the life you dreamed of and deserve to live.

But let’s be honest, this doesn’t come easy. This choice will require you to summon an inner source you may have never reached; your will to do what you think you can’t. This requires resolve that is only found deep in your soul. It will require prayer and strength. Choose to surrender and find strength in your struggle, and hope in your hurt. In short, it is determination to make the best of the worst.

Gratitude: the sure signs of surrender

Gratitude is an indispensable demonstration of virtue and an integral component to living strong. It’s an essential ingredient to a joyful surrender. Researchers find that having gratitude guards us against gloom. Counting your blessings keeps sadness at bay and heightens a positive outlook.

You don’t have to have a Polyanna-ish view of the world to achieve this. In fact, studies show that people who score highly on various indicators of gratefulness also report strong awareness of the negative things in their own life and society. Counting your blessings and finding joy even in the most trying times can go a long way. Gratitude reaches down into our very souls and awakens the slumbering feelings of grace and love we have for one another.

Putting it together

Surrendering is a radical and powerful tool – and we all have the choice to do it. If you want to make this choice and are having a hard time to find the power within you, ask God to infuse you with the strength to do so.

When you find the strength to let go of the burdens you hold onto in your life, or the ideals of what you think a perfect life should be, you empty yourself of the unnecessary weight you carry. After all, emptying ourselves of the burden to have life go our way frees our souls.

To learn more on the power of surrender, check out You’re Stronger Than You Think.

What desires are the toughest for you to release? How would your spirit be different if you were to ease your grip and let them go? We hope to hear from you in the comments!

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  • Billie-Jean Fowler says:

    Thank you so so much for these articles. I’ve somehow lost focus and these have helped me see that. Blessings.

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