4 Ways to Inject More Humor Into Your Marriage


If you’re serious about having a great marriage, then you need more humor.

As the old adage goes, “laughter is the best medicine.” Humor is one of the greatest connectors in all relationships. But that’s especially true when it comes to nurturing your marriage.

While building a happy marriage is absolutely a serious matter, you can’t create lifelong love without a healthy dose of humor. It’s important to be playful and have fun together. Laughing with your spouse can lighten a tense moment or simply help you feel closer. Whether you’re navigating a difficult season or defusing an argument, humor can work wonders.

Wondering how to inject more humor into your marriage? We’ve got you covered. Here are four ways you can start doing that today.

1. Study Your Spouse’s “Funny Bone”

The first thing you can do to bring more humor into your marriage is to study your spouse’s “funny bone.” Part of being emotionally intimate with your spouse is understanding one another’s sense of humor. What makes them laugh?

Look for chances to crack a joke and make your spouse smile. If you know what they enjoy, then this part is ten times easier. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

  • Tell jokes they like just to make them laugh
  • If you know your spouse loves a particular comedy film or show, suggest watching it together

2. Share What Makes You Laugh

When it comes to humor, don’t just look for ways to make your spouse laugh. Make it easy for them to do the same. Share things with your spouse that you find humorous, too. Give them plenty of opportunities to enjoy that sense of playfulness with you.

It may feel strange to intentionally point out what makes you laugh. After all, you’ve probably been together long enough to know. But remember, our tastes and interests change over time. We collect new favorite things, so don’t assume your spouse knows everything you enjoy now. Keep sharing the things you find funny, and invite them into those special moments.

3. Look for Humor in Everyday Life

Next, look for humor in everyday life. Find little things you can laugh about together. If you pay attention, there are many ways to find joy no matter what’s happening around you.

If life has been stressful for you, it can be too easy to stop looking for things to laugh about. Regardless, you can’t afford to stop noticing. Being lighthearted on purpose can ease tension and pain – and ultimately, bring you closer together during a difficult season. Even if you feel silly, keep your eyes open and share those moments with your spouse.

4. Seek Out and Create Funny Experiences Together

Laughter is like a daily vitamin for your marriage, and humor is medicine for its soul. Don’t wait for funny jokes or situations to find you. Instead, go looking for them. Even better, create your own fun.

Here are some simple ways to create humorous experiences together:

  • Swap jokes; see who can make the other laugh first
  • Have date nights in and take turns watching your favorite funny movies
  • Leave funny notes and cards for one another to find
  • Revisit memories that make you both laugh
  • Share funny stories from your day that your spouse will appreciate
  • Look for fun events to attend together; this will help you make new memories
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How can you bring more laughter and play into your marriage? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts.


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