You’re invited to a FREE online marriage event!

Our newly expanded edition of New York Times bestseller Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) hit shelves on Tuesday, October 27, and we are celebrating its release with a one-of-a-kind, exciting event.

And the best part? You’re invited!

We’re launching a very special, FREE online marriage event: The Lifelong Love Marriage Summit.

The summit begins Tuesday, November 3. You’ll hear from 20+ of today’s most engaging Christian influencers, including Shaunti Feldhahn, Donald Miller, Fawn Weaver, Dr. Henry Cloud, Michael Hyatt, and Dave Ramsey.

They’ll be sharing their secrets to lifelong love, plus stories of struggle, faith, and hard-won triumph that are sure to put you and your spouse on the road to greater love and a stronger, happier marriage.

We can’t wait to share this battle-tested wisdom from top thought leaders with you! To be a part of this amazing summit, simply register here.


The release of the newly expanded SYMBIS book is an exciting milestone, and just as we’d love to have you at The Lifelong Marriage Summit, we’d love to give you the chance to order your copy today.

We poured years of professional experience, the latest research, and feedback into this new edition of SYMBIS. With over a million copies sold in its first release, SYMBIS is an acclaimed resource to help you and your spouse dig deep and love each other in the best way possible.

Order your copy of SYMBIS today and get freebies, including $5 off the revolutionary SYMBIS Assessment–your personalized insight into your relationship and your key to an incredible and fulfilling marriage.

See you at The Summit!



  • john says:

    I signed up for the Lifelong love summit but it is not clear to me when this conference actually begins or any other detail.

  • Barry says:

    I agree. It makes it difficult to know whether I have to plan time, or if I can make time not knowing when the conference actually begins, ends, or re-streamed later in the day when not working.

    Anyone, anyone…. Ferris, are you out there?
    Help me Rhonda, help, help me Rhonda….

  • Michelle says:

    The summit is not live. Once you register, you should receive an email that states, “We are so excited for you to dive into our first three Lifelong Love Marriage Summit Presentations! Today kicks off seven days of incredible research-based wisdom from the experts on how to create a lasting and happy marriage…Here’s (sic) today’s presentations. Click the titles below at your convenience to tune in… “

  • Heather says:

    I did not receive this mornings email to direct me where to go to listen to today’s speakers.

  • Adrienne says:

    I saw the first day of videos but didn’t get an email today to link to the videos. How can I access them?

  • john says:

    I have interest on marriage counselling.

  • john says:

    Great site.

  • jan says:

    I don’t understand. If the presentations are helpful, why are they removed? I had time to watch one … would have loved to have fit one or two each week … were the presentations just a carrot to promote the book?

  • Josue says:

    I’m grfuaetl you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

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  • Yelet Newby-Neal says:

    Can I be authorized to administer this test in multiple states?

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