Why You And Your Spouse Should Try A New Shared Activity This Spring

Do you and your spouse spend time together in shared activities?

A shared activity can be anything you do together, from a hobby to a sport or other recreational activity. These activities will look different from one couple to the next, depending on your interests and your preferences (such as whether you enjoy physical, high-impact activities or prefer something more lowkey). The most important thing is finding pastimes that you can spend time doing together.

Wondering why you and your spouse should try a new shared activity this spring? We’ve gathered a few of the most important reasons, so let’s jump right in.

Shared activities bring us closer together.

Spending time together in shared activities brings spouses closer to one another. When we engage in a shared activity, we’re actively setting that time aside. That means we’re taking time apart from work, chores, and daily obligations to do something enjoyable with our spouse.

Taking time away from the daily grind gives us the breathing room to truly enjoy not only the activity we’re engaging in, but the time we’re spending together. Daily life can be stressful, and it can bog us down if we’re not careful. Escaping busyness and everyday responsibilities can help melt away that tension and bring us into the moment with our spouse.

So often, the ability to enjoy closeness hinges on whether or not we can let go of stressors, even temporarily. Shared activities are one of many ways we can take a step back and just focus on doing something fun together.

Shared activities give us a deeper glimpse into one another’s personality.

Stepping away from the grind and into shared activities lets us loosen up enough to get a deeper glimpse into one another’s personality. That’s important, because while we get to know one another well when we’re dating and even in the early years of marriage, people change over time. A strong marriage requires getting to know each other over and over again throughout the years.

Enjoying shared activities can help each of you get reacquainted time and again. This is particularly true if one of you jumps into a recreational activity or hobby the other spouse is passionate about (and vice versa). Experiencing your spouse’s favorite activity firsthand is a great way to take a short walk in their shoes.

Shared activities inspire a sense of adventure and discovery.

If you and your spouse are craving adventure, shared activities can help whet your appetite. With a little planning, research, and dreaming, the two of you can embark on new journeys of discovery together. There’s no one way to decide on what you want to try, either.

We suggest that each of you make a list of activities you’ve always wanted to try, prioritize your ideas, and then share your lists with one another. See if you match up anywhere–you might both want to try some of the same things. If that’s not the case, trade lists and mark off any activities your spouse has listed that you’re particularly interested in. Even if you only try something once, you could be in for an unforgettable adventure and plenty of memories.


Now that you know why shared activities are so important, it’s time to set aside some time in your week to enjoy them together. If you’re struggling to find time in your busy schedule, our book, Your Time-Starved Marriage, is a guide to help you better organize your time. You can pick up your copy here.

Do you and your spouse engage in shared recreational activities? Why or why not? If not, do you have plans to start in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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