The Best Gift You Can Give This Christmas

It’s not unusual to experience the familiar push-and-pull between holiday gift-giving and the higher purpose of the Christmas season. Exchanging gifts with family and loved ones is the highlight of Christmas for many, and that’s wonderful–gifts bring joy to both the giver and the receiver. However, a seasonal gift exchange is fleeting, and we’re back to our regular lives before we know it.

But what if we gave a gift this Christmas that was permanent?

So many of us recognize that Jesus is the true reason for the holiday we love so dearly. But we don’t always keep that in the forefront of our minds. This Christmas, what if we not only acknowledge Jesus, but emulate his love, too? Then, continue practicing the love of Christ throughout the year?

Jesus’s love transcends all. Whether you’re going about your holidays as usual, or experiencing them in a different way this year, gaining a deeper understanding of Christ’s love can transform not only you, but your relationships with those you love.

So how can you demonstrate the love of Jesus during the holidays? Let’s take a look.

Extend grace to loved ones who may struggle to find joy.

For some, finding the joy of Christmas doesn’t always come naturally. This may manifest in behaviors that are difficult for their loved ones to navigate. If you have loved ones who may become demanding or contentious during the holidays, give them grace. There’s likely a deeper reason why they struggle to enjoy the holidays, particularly if the year has been hard on them.

Be open to family members who approach you with concerns.

The holidays can sometimes amplify strain and stress for some individuals and families. You may be the person in your family who tends to mitigate problems that arise. Practice making yourself approachable so that if your loved ones need to bring you their concerns, they’ll feel comfortable doing so.

Be more mindful of your loved ones’ needs.

While Christmas is meant to be a time when we focus on the people we love, it’s too easy to focus more on ourselves and our feelings. But if we want to love like Christ, then being more mindful of our loved ones’ needs is critical.

Mindfulness means you have a heightened awareness of what those around you are feeling, and what they may need. Put mindful awareness into practice this Christmas with the intent to carry it forward into your daily life beyond the holiday season.

Stand firm when neutralizing family disagreements.

It’s possible that you may find yourself neutralizing disagreements during the Christmas season. Whether you’re celebrating with just your immediate family or your extended relatives, it’s not unusual for disagreements to arise about traditions, meals, or time and place of gatherings. If you need to defuse a conflict, do so with kindness and boldness. Look for win-win situations that work for as many of you as possible, then move forward with those in mind.

Give of yourself.

Perhaps the greatest gift you can give your loved ones this Christmas is to give of yourself. Being selfless transcends decor, beautifully-wrapped boxes, and a delicious Christmas meal. Instead, it shows your heart to those you love. Selflessness is paramount to demonstrating Christlike love, and it has the power to transform your relationships not only during the holidays, but moving forward as well.

Are you ready to love more like Jesus?

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How will you show love to your family and friends this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Doreen says:

    Such good reminders as we navigate this special season with friends and family. The different wants/needs and personalities can put a strain on how we celebrate, for sure. One version of James 1:17 speaks to the remedy as ‘every good act of giving and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father who made the heavenly lights’ – we need God’s love in our acts of giving. Merry Christmas to all!

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