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The Importance of Spiritual Intimacy: Choosing to BELIEVE TOGETHER in 2016

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Of the various “types” of intimacy in a marriage, the pursuit of spirituality together is one that’s often forgotten. When schedules get busy and life is chaotic with jobs and chores and kids, seeking God with your spouse too often becomes last priority. But spiritual intimacy is immeasurably powerful, and its fruit flows into and invigorates all other facets of a marriage. Even the most happily married couples eventually discover an innate longing to bond with their lover in a deeper way, not just for comfort, not just for passion—but also for meaning. Our lives go on day after day….

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Sharing Spirituality: Tips for Creating a Consistent Devotional Time Together

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How can we have a consistent and meaningful devotional time together? Remember when you were dating? It seemed like it was so easy for the two of you to share a special devotional time together. The two of you were eager to spend time together in the Word, and you promised yourselves that you would always continue that ritual. But something’s different now. Since you got married, it’s hard for you to engage in shared prayer and study time. Maybe the demands of daily life have interfered with your ability to coordinate with one another. Or maybe devotional time just…

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