7 Fun STAYcation Ideas for You and Your Spouse

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Taking a vacation isn’t always about hopping in the car or on a plane and heading to the beach or mountains. Sometimes all you need for a restful mental break is an intentional pause in your weekly routine and some time with your spouse.

Have you ever considered a staycation?

Maybe you don’t have any extra money to travel right now, or you’re preparing to welcome a new baby and need to be close to home. A staycation is an affordable way to break up the daily grind, spend time with your spouse, and rejuvenate your mind and body.

So, what should you do during your staycation? Here are a few ideas to get you on the road to fun and relaxation in your own town!

#1: Camp in the Backyard

If you’re a big fan of the outdoors, grab your camping gear and pitch a tent in the backyard! Bring along the ingredients for s’mores, tell some old stories, and spend the evening staring the stars. It’s amazing what can happen when we change our scenery just a little bit. Some fresh air and a fresh perspective can be the answer to a stress-filled schedule.

#2: Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Every city has its own special sights and historical marks. Have you seen them? So often, we miss what’s right in front of us! Visit your local museum or take the tour you’ve always heard about but never done. Maybe there are some restaurants you’ve never tried and have always wanted to–start with appetizers in one spot, move to entrees in another, and finish off with dessert in a quaint little place you’ve never been to.

#3: Have a Spa Day

Book a day at your local spa–facials, pedicures, massages. Any place that offers you a fuzzy robe to wear is just a bonus to your day! Exhale and relax while someone rubs away your stress and worry. Spas can get pretty expensive, so do what works for you. If it’s not in your budget right now, grab some supplies and have a spa day right at home. If you give your spouse a facial, don’t leave off the slices of cucumbers for their eyes!

#4: Go on a Hike

Pack up a picnic lunch, some water and sunscreen and head to your closest park or hiking trail. Turn your phones off and spend the day reconnecting while taking in the scenery. If it’s a tough trail, make up a fun game to help you power through it (psst…bring some water balloons!). Don’t forget to take some pictures when you get to the top!

#5: Movie Night

If this is in your usual rotation for date night, then switch things up a bit! Pick a new genre of movie, built a fort in your living room, crawl in, and hit play. Prepare some popcorn and an ice cream sundae bar (don’t forget the cherry!) to enjoy throughout the night and cuddle up next to your spouse. Renting a movie is as easy as it’s ever been, but you can make the whole experience feel like you’re 10 again!

#6: Have a Candlelight Dinner at Home

What did you eat on your first date? What did you eat at your wedding? Now’s a great time to pull out those recipes and recreate the night. Light some candles, get out the old picture albums, and relive the memories. Need a fun dessert idea? You can never go wrong with fondue!

#7: Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Now, this one’s going to take a little planning on your part, but it can be so much fun! Choose your destinations, then start mapping out the clues to lead your spouse to each one. You can make this as simple or as complex as you’d like. Lead your spouse to fun hiding spots around the house, neighborhood, or all throughout your city. If you want to make this something you both can do, ask a friend to map it out for you! You and your spouse will be competing to get to the end in no time.

If traveling isn’t realistic for you guys right now, don’t miss the chance to still take a break and unwind. No matter what you do, the important part is that you’re doing it together.

What kind of things have you done on a staycation?



  • Irene says:

    I love this idea.!!!

    I will add each and everyone of these things to my calendar.

    Thank you!

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