The Hard Work of Spiritual Intimacy

We go to church and spend time with Christian couples. Is there more to being spiritually intimate?

Spiritual intimacy is one of the most important–yet least discussed–aspects of marital health and well being. While you and your spouse may share many interests, be deeply in love, and be on the same page in many parts of your lives, getting in sync on a spiritual level often proves to be much more challenging.

Research has proven that a close spiritual bond is of the utmost importance in marriage. Spiritual intimacy represents a couple’s deepest core values, mission, and passion for life. It’s a valued, sacred space between the two of you–a space too valuable to miss out on experiencing.

In today’s video, we’ll talk about the benefits of spiritual intimacy in your marriage.

When we’re spiritually out-of-step with our spouse, there’s a lot of work involved in reconnecting. Becoming more spiritually intimate involves more than just attending church together and participating in shared religious activities. Arguably, these things can be considered external expressions of religiosity.

Instead, focus on your internal spirituality. Does church make a real difference in your lives? How do you and your spouse relate to God individually?

Your husband may relate to God in a more reflective, isolated manner, preferring to study and pray in solitude. Or your wife may thrive in a more intellectual, interactive environment, sharing ideas and hearing the stories of others’ faith journey. Work to become familiar with one another’s approach to God, building a deeper understanding and respect for each other.

How have you and your spouse built deep spiritual intimacy in your marriage? What benefits have you experienced in your relationship and family life as a result? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.


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