Raising Independent Daughters: Instilling Strength & Self-Assurance

By September 23, 2016February 23rd, 2018Communication, In-laws & Family

How can I raise my daughter to feel strong and self-assured enough to avoid being dependent on men?

You’ve taken time to consider women’s roles in society, and the boxes they often find themselves forced into. But you have a daughter, and you want something different for her.

You don’t want her to be dependent on men for approval, or to fulfill her dreams. Instead, it’s important for you to teach your daughter she’s capable of creating a future of her own. So what do you do?

In today’s video, I (Leslie) am discussing some ways you can help your daughters grow up to become independent, strong, and self-assured.

Here are some ways you can have an impact on your daughter’s future:

  • Model strength and self-assurance for her
  • Provide mentoring role models for her
  • Stay involved in her life; ask questions & offer alternative viewpoints to what she’s exposed to in her peer group
  • Travel with her, internationally if possible; get outside your comfort zone
  • Set up meetings with other women who are living life on their own terms

Your daughter may not reveal on the surface that she’s impacted by the people and alternatives you’re exposing her to now, but the truth is that her perspective on life will be broadened and deepened.

If your daughter is a teen, don’t pass judgment if she’s concerned about her appearance, or if she’s focused on getting a guy’s attention. These are very normal parts of her development from a child to a young woman.

Gently liberate her from the dominant culture she’s living in. Don’t surrender to the status quo; instead, offer a different perspective every chance you get. If her group of peers is fully indoctrinated in a life pattern you don’t want your daughter to follow, try to help guide her toward other peers who may be healthier and more open to different life experiences.

Have you raised your children outside the status quo of the culture you’re living in? What were the results? We’d love to hear from you!


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