Loving Your Spouse Well in a Time-Starved Marriage

By November 12, 2015February 8th, 2018Communication, Self Reflection, Time

How Do We Find Time as a Couple When We are So Busy with the Activities Our Kids are Involved in?

One of the biggest struggles most married couples with children face is finding time to spend together one-on-one. It can be very difficult for parents to set aside “husband and wife” time because the everyday demands of having jobs, children, and chores can make you feel like you simply have no extra time for anything else.

You are likely overwhelmed these days, but the best gift you could ever give your children is the reassurance that their mom and dad have a strong marriage.

Here’s the catch, though: in order to give your kids that gift, you and your spouse have to spend a little time apart from them.

So how does that work?

In the child-rearing season, it’s true that finding time alone is challenging. You may not even be able to set aside a big chunk of time right now. The point is to deliberately seek out and create daily opportunities to focus solely on one another, even for a few extra minutes a day, or over a little time that you set aside once a week.

In today’s video, we discuss the issues of time and the importance of focusing on one another.

How are you spending your time right now? Do you have snippets of time here and there that you could be dedicating to your spouse?

The idea of scheduling some time once a week, or even just a few times a month, to be together without the children works for many couples. Even if you can’t make it happen every week (and many of us can’t), you’ll have something to look forward to.

Whatever your situation, it’s important to step back and evaluate the time in your days. Our book, Your Time-Starved Marriage, was created with this season of life in mind. We provide you with resources and ideas for making the most of your time together.

How do you and your spouse carve out time to focus on one another? We’d love to read your suggestions in the comments section!

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  • Elizabeth K says:

    With demanding careers and a busy toddler, we are feeling quite time-starved! We have decided to go away quarterly for escape weekends to refocus on each other and to recharge. Grateful to have Grandma and Grampa eager to have a sleepover weekend with our little one!

  • hira says:

    Every night, We watch a show, news, talk about our day. We try & go out 2x a month at least. We realized WE are in a marriage with one another. We should keep it that way. 🙂

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