It’s the Little Things: How Small Gestures Can Pay Big Dividends in Your Marriage

Do you and your spouse do little things to show each other you care?

Seemingly small gestures can pay big dividends in your marriage. That’s because it’s so much easier to build consistency through daily habits that communicate affection. Grand gestures might be photo-worthy, but they’re also fewer and further between.

It’s easy to assume that little gestures might get lost in the mix of day-to-day hustle. But the fact is that your spouse notices both the presence and the absence of these seemingly insignificant acts. Little things really do add up, so let’s talk about why.

Consistency and Reliability

Couples need to know they can rely on one another not just in a crisis, but for daily love and support. Your little gestures of affection for each other, when performed regularly, add up to create a sense of consistency you can both count on. When times get tough, it helps to know you’ll always have that loving foundation.

On difficult days, your spouse will find comfort in your small acts of love. And, when showing affection is top-of-mind on a regular basis, it will be easier to go above and beyond for each other. As an added bonus, if you have children, they’ll get the chance to witness your commitment to showing love each day.

Dedication and Devotion

Regular, small gestures of love show dedication and devotion through action. When you find ways to show love to your spouse on a consistent basis, you’re demonstrating your dedication to them. Devoted partners can communicate the depth of their feelings this way, too, reminding one another of the spark that ignited their love story in the first place.

Admiration and Love

Finally, the “little things” communicate admiration and love for your spouse. In turn, these acts also cultivate a deeper love between the two of you. When you deeply admire your spouse and want them to know how you feel, you can’t help but show it.

Think about the things your spouse enjoys, or small steps you could take to lighten their load somehow. Simple communication, such as leaving them a little love note or starting their car on a cold winter morning, can go a long way. Remember, love doesn’t demand perfection or an elaborate, expensive display. The little things can be as simple as anticipating a need before anything has to be said.

One Step at a Time

If you want to build a consistent habit of doing small things for your spouse regularly, start by taking one step at a time. Spending a few minutes each day focused on your marriage is a great way to get started. Our Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts Devotional contains 52 meditations for spiritual intimacy. This can be a fantastic way to start a new habit of showing your spouse you care, day by day. Take a look and order your copy here.

Do you perform small gestures for your spouse regularly? Why or why not?

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