How to Show Love in a Busy Marriage

It’s no secret that life can be hectic and fast-paced. As you each rush from one obligation to another, it can become more and more difficult to pause and show love to one another in the ways you both need. In the midst of the daily grind, it’s easy to become short or impatient with your spouse.

Rushing through life can lead not only to impatience, but outright unkindness with one another. You might not mean to be unkind, but it can happen out of frustration if you aren’t careful. So how do the two of you stay loving while still building careers, raising kids, and dealing with your everyday responsibilities?

Take a Close Look at Your Relationship

Before you take action, it’s important to understand where you’re at in your relationship. You might feel like you’ve lost all sense of margin. Each of you might be exhausted for different reasons. You might both be moving too fast, more often than not.

In some cases, one spouse might begin to feel micromanaged as the other seeks to make sure daily tasks are done. But this is a marriage partnership, not a work relationship. If one of you has begun to act more like a corporate supervisor than a spouse, that’s an issue you’ll need to address.

There may be some repair that needs to happen between the two of you before you can enjoy your past closeness again. You can start repairing your marriage by showing love. Remember, love and patience are healing–and they’ll carry you a long way.

Be More Playful and Lighthearted

When life gets intense, it’s difficult to focus on fun. But believe it or not, fun is exactly what you need. You’re both moving at the speed of life, and you’ve acknowledged that you’re running over one another in the process. Instead of letting the tension build, why not have fun instead?

Living with urgency can be effective if you’re a taskmaster, but it does your marriage no favors. It’s too easy to get overly stressed and snap at one another when you’re always in that intense headspace. When you can, break the tension with a joke or intentionally find something the two of you can do together, just for the fun of it.

Be Mindful of Your Personality Differences

Being more mindful of your personality differences can disrupt your hectic cycle. This builds more empathy, which in turn helps you to be kinder to one another. Reflection and self-awareness are essential for you both to gain a more intimate understanding of yourselves and each other.

As you shift back into a more loving dynamic, lean on this renewed empathy. Communicate with deep sincerity, patience, and a touch of humor. With time and focused intention, it’s possible to regain the love and warmth you’re craving.

Taking a relationship assessment can help you deepen your intimacy and build a healthier marriage. That’s because assessments can help you gain insights and learn new details about your spouse that you might not have known before. The SYMBIS Assessment is a fantastic tool for couples at any stage, whether you’re engaged or have been married for years. Take a look and take the assessment here.

Are you in a busy season right now? How will you slow down and take more time to connect lovingly with one another? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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